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Chapter 580: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (40)

 Chapter 580: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (40)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Her voice wasn't as sweet and gentle as usual and there was a hint of viciousness.

The video was silent for a while before Qian Ge's voice was heard again. In comparison to how stern she sounded before, her voice now sounded softer and closer to her usual voice. "Yaoyao, my success or failure this time depends on you. You have to record all of Ji Yi's scenes from 'The Tempestuous Grand Tang'."

"Qian Jie, don't worry. I'll definitely do what I promised," replied Li Yaoyao.

"Thank you, Yaoyao." The two of them were probably drinking because the faint sound of glasses clinking was heard. Then Qian Ge's voice started to sound even more cold and calculative. "This time, I have to make sure that b*tch Ji Yi has no hope of ever making a comeback. I want her to fully understand that never in her lifetime could she ever compare to me, Qian Ge!"

Many people present rooted for Qian Ge to get justice in the past as she always left everyone with the impression she was well-educated and kind. Now, with her completely changed tone of voice, shocked expressions were caught on camera as the camera swept over the majority of faces on the scene.

Even the two presenters on the stage looked at one another in dismay.

Qian Ge was still staring at Li Yaoyao, but the confusion in her eyes was gradually breaking down.

Her fingers couldn't help but tighten around the micorphone.

This was the conversation we had over drinks the day before I arranged for Li Yaoyao to work by Ji Yi's side as a spy. Why did she record it?

Before the suspicions on Qian Ge's mind settled, another short clip played on the big screen behind her.

It was the set of the variety show. Ji Yi was there and so was Qian Ge. One of the female presenters happened to also be the presenter for that night.

Seconds after the video played, the female presenter said, "I know this one. It's a clip from last year, when Ji Yi and Qian Ge were recording together on our variety show. At the time, Ji Yi got injured..."

Before the female presenter could finish speaking, the close-up on the video turned to Qian Ge. She had a pearl bracelet in her hand, but when the director adjusted the camera, she bent over fixing her shoe. When she got up again, the pearl bracelet was gone.

Soon after, the director called Ji Yi up to receive her prize. Just as Ji Yi turned around to step down from the stage, she unexpectedly tripped over.

The picture in the video was suddenly chaotic as everyone surrounded Ji Yi, including Qian Ge.

That was when the camera closed in again on Qian Ge. She looked like she was picking something up from the ground.

Everyone was so focused on Ji Yi that no one noticed her.

After someone took the injured Ji Yi away, Qian Ge turned around and walked off stage. From start to finish, her hands were balled into fists. She probably didn't even notice it herself, but on her last step down from the stage, an object fell from her fingers and rolled onto the stage. After rolling around for a long time, it finally stopped. It was a single shimmering white pearl.

The camera stopped at the pearl then the video came to an abrupt end.

The female presenter who had been fully focused on the big screen looked as though she had seen the most unbelievable thing. With a gaping mouth, she blurted, "Oh god! The day Ji Yi got hurt... It wasn't because she was careless - she slipped on a pearl?"