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Chapter 579: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (39)

 Chapter 579: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (39)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"...Her contacts list doesn't have Qian Ge's contact info... Our staff then opened WeChat to find that she didn't have Qian Ge's contact info there either. She didn't even have her manager or assistant's info either... It looks like Li Yaoyao and Qian Ge really aren't too familiar with one another..."

"... There's also the photo album, right? Can the staff open the photo album? Woah, there are so many photos and videos..."

Even though Ji Yi wasn't looking at the big screen, she could tell by the words of the presenter alone what was happening.

"Can the staff check to see if there are any videos of the scenes shot on 'The Tempestuous Grand Tang'... Huh?"

The presenter suddenly stopped speaking.

Women's intuition told Ji Yi that the situation had a sudden twist on the big screen.

Out of curiosity, Ji Yi looked up to see a selfie of Qian Ge and Li Yaoyao together on the big screen.

Ji Yi suddenly froze. She didn't find it odd that Qian Ge and Li Yaoyao knew each other long ago. If they didn't know each other, why would Qian Ge arrange for Li Yaoyao to work by her side as a spy? Since Li Yaoyao was working for Qian Ge, she was definitely going to help Qian Ge. However, her phone had a photo of them together, which was incidentally a slap in the face for Qian Ge.

It wasn't just Ji Yi, but the presenters were also stunned in addition to Qian Ge, who wore a slight smile on her face.

With her eyes opened wide, she looked like she was looking at something unbelievable.

The staff backstage quickly exited out of the photo on Li Yaoyao's phone, but one after the other, more selfies of Qian Ge and Li Yaoyao popped up... Later on, there were even a couple photos of the two of them together in the same pajamas.

The atmosphere below the stage became restless again.

Like before, the conversations closest to the cameras could easily be heard on the big screen.

"Didn't Qian Ge repeatedly say she didn't know Li Yaoyao? How come there are selfies of them together on Li Yaoyao's phone?"

"From the photos, Qian Ge and Li Yaoyao look very close - like good friends actually!"

"They must be good friends! Look, they're wearing the same pajamas. They live together, so if they're not close, then what is this?"

"What the hell is going on? Qian Ge was clearly full of confidence just now. She was so confident that I believed Ji Yi was trying to slander Qian Ge..."

With all the commotion, the scene grew noisier and noisier. Qian Ge, who was staring straight at the big screen, finally snapped back to her senses.

How could this happen? Why does Li Yaoyao have so many photos of us together?

Isn't she trying to help me get rid of Ji Yi?

As Qian Ge thought about it, she slowly looked down at Li Yaoyao on the left, below the stage.

As her gaze met Li Yaoyao's eyes, Li Yaoyao looked away, avoiding her gaze.

After the staff opened the next photo on the big screen, it was no longer a photo but a video clip.

When they played it, it turned out to be completely black. There was no one in the video, but there was a voice.

"Qian Jie, why do I have to be Ji Yi's assistant? How can she even compare to you? Why do you have to scheme to beat her?" There was no need to guess. At this point, everyone could tell the voice belonged to Li Yaoyao.

"Because I hate her! As long as she's in showbiz, I can never let her become famous!" This time, it was Qian Ge's voice.