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Chapter 575: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (35)

 Chapter 575: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (35)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"And... You didn't see me in the video - you only heard my voice."

"When I came in, a reporter friend asked me how I felt about this whole plagiarizing issue."

"Honestly speaking, my manager told me about it the day it happened, but I didn't pay attention to it or care about it because I thought that since we all work in showbiz, there are some things we don't need to be so cutthroat about."

As Qian Ge said this, she sounded a little hurt. "But now I realize I was wrong. I wanted to keep the peace but that doesn't mean others feel the same as well. I'm really sorry that this mishap happened on the Television Awards, but I still hope this whole thing will both begin and end here at the awards. As for today's video, I hope the show's production team can give me some time to investigate and prove my innocence!"

As she finished speaking, Qian Ge even gave a deep, sincere bow.

When she straightened up, she spoke again with a serious, stern, and even righteous voice: "You can plagiarize my performance, but you can't insult my character like this. I didn't want to be so ruthless, but I think the kind of person who would do that isn't worthy of staying in showbiz!"

"On my way into the Awards, I happened to bump into Ji Yi's assistant who was also the woman in the video. Could the cameraman please help me do a sweep of everyone here at the Awards?"

As Qian Ge's voice fell, the cameraman pointed down to the far left and swept across each and every person there.

He Jichen was sitting in the first row. Though his company's artist was involved in this fiasco on stage, he didn't look the least bit concerned. He had his head tilted, listening to an old artist next to him talking.

It wasn't clear what the old artist was actually saying, but it made He Jichen's lips raise slightly, making his cold facial features look a little gentler.

The camera quickly panned over to He Jichen then to the center. Suddenly, Qian Ge cried, "Stop for a moment. I see Li Yaoyao."

As she said this, Qian Ge raised her microphone and rushed down the stage.

But just as she walked over to the edge of the stage, a man in a navy suit suddenly rushed up on stage before she could reach the steps.

Even though Ji Yi couldn't clearly see the man's face, she could tell who it was by his silhouette.

It was Chen Bai. He walked swiftly in front of the presenter and whispered a few words then the male presenter handed Chen Bai the microphone.

After Chen Bai took it, he immediately spoke with a polite voice: "I'll first introduce myself. I'm Chen Bai, the senior assistant of YC's CEO."

At the mention of YC, the cameraman pointed the camera once again at He Jichen.

He had the same expression as before, sitting casually in his seat while calmly and elegantly listening to the old artist next to him as though the person up on stage wasn't Chen Bai, his assistant.

"Terribly sorry to come up on stage so rudely, but YC's artist is implicated in this situation, so I hope everyone can please forgive me." After Chen Bai finished and gave a deep bow, he straightened up and looked over at Qian Ge. "Miss Qian Ge repeatedly said that the video was an insult, but may I ask Miss Qian Ge to please listen to the recording I have in my hands?"