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Chapter 572: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (32)

 Chapter 572: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (32)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge smiled slightly and gave a conservative answer. "I heard about it, but since I've been really busy with work, I haven't really been following the story."

"So Miss Qian Ge, if you found out Miss Ji Yi really plagiarized your performance, may I ask if you would take any measures?"

The reporter's question seemed overly invasive, because Qian Ge hesitated for a few seconds before she showed a subtle smile and replied warmly: "If it was true, I would probably contact Miss Ji's company and if we can't get through to them, I would consider asking the company's legal department to handle the matter..."

Qian Ge stole from her and ruined Ji Yi's reputation to this extent. Not only did she not give up, she still wanted to take this up in court and put the final nail in the coffin?

Ji Yi's gaze turned cold as she stared at the television. To prevent her mood from worsening, Ji Yi viciously pressed the remote control and changed the channel.

Maybe she was truly affected by Qian Ge's words because after dinner, Ji Yi's chest felt overly stifled. She headed back into the bedroom, got changed and grabbed her phone to go on a walk to get her mind off of things.

The cold evening wind in the early spring eased Ji Yi's mind a little.

Ji Yi's parents hadn't returned and Ji Yi didn't particularly want to go back home. She remembered the cream puff store by the mall near her house that she wanted to try yesterday, so she thought she might as well go buy some cream puffs.

There was a giant TV screen in front of the mall which happened to be showing the C city Television Awards ceremony.

Ji Yi glanced up just before she stepped into the mall and noticed that the award for best-supporting actress had already been given out.

After she bought the cream puff and came out of the mall, the presenter's voice was heard from the big screen above her head. "This year's C city Television Award's Best Leading Actress goes to Qian Ge. Please welcome Qian Ge--"

Ji Yi didn't look at the big screen, but she could imagine from the sound of the warm applause that it was definitely Qian Ge climbing up onto the big stage.

Just as Ji Yi's speculations formed, the presenter's voice came out from the big TV screen. "Hello, Qian Ge. Long time no see."

"Long time no see," said Qian Ge.

After they greeted one another, the presenter and Qian Ge started to chat casually.

The female presenter: "Qian Ge, this is the second time you received the award for the best leading actress at our ceremony, is that correct?"

Qian Ge: "Yes, yes, I'm honored."

"But your acting skills have improved and everyone has personally seen that for themselves." After the male presenter finished praising Qian Ge, he initiated a hot topic of conversation: "Before we get to the award's speech and ask you a few questions, let's first watch the classic scenes from Qian Ge's award-winning performance on 'Three Thousand Lunatics'."

As the male presenter's voice dropped, Qian Ge and the female presenter replied: "Mhm." Then the big screen instantly fell silent.

After about ten seconds, no sound came from the screen. Instead, she heard passersby stopping in front of the big screen just to watch Qian Ge receive her award. With a confused expression on their faces, they let out a "Huuuh?"

Then Ji Yi heard the female presenter say with a confused voice: "What is this? Is this some mistake?"

The moment the presenter's voice fell, Ji Yi heard her own voice coming from the big screen: "Sorry, I can't answer that..."

Ji Yi was just about to reach the road when she instinctively stopped. She turned her head with a confused look on her face as she nibbled on her cream puff and looked at the big screen.