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Chapter 570: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (30)

 Chapter 570: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (30)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen didn't smoke, but he pinched the cigarette between his fingers and quietly stayed like that for a while. It was only after the cigarette burned down to his fingers that he put the cigarette out. He turned to look over at Chen Bai. "Have you called officer Wu yet?"

"Yes, the members of the group called "Cornstarch" have already been charged. Officer Wu, myself, and the laywer we hired have talked it through. We'll settle this in court and follow legal proceedings." After Chen Bai said this, he didn't wait for He Jichen to ask him and he continued to report based on He Jichen's orders. "I also investigated those reporters thoroughly. They only stopped Miss Ji this afternoon because Qian Ge leaked Miss Ji's whereabouts. Tomorrow, I'll act according to your instructions and contact each and every one of those reporters."

He Jichen gave a slight nod but didn't say anything.

He stared at the dark windows of Ji Yi's house for a while then suddenly remembered something. "Did you do what I asked of you for Ji Yi's birthday?" he asked.

"It's all done. Don't worry, Mr. He."

He Jichen let out an "Mhm" and glanced at the window again before turning around and heading for the car.

Chen Bai knew this meant He Jichen was finally ready to leave, so he quickly reached out and pulled the door open.

Chen Bai got into the car and stepped on the gas. He drove on the familiar roads out of Ji Yi's neighborhood.

The car stopped when they reached He Jichen's apartment. Chen Bai was about to get out of the car to open the door for He Jichen when he suddenly remembered there was something he forgot to report to him. Chen Bai turned towards He Jichen in the passenger seat and said, "Ah, right! Mr. He, do you still remember what happened between Miss Ji and the screenwriter Miss Cheng in the alley last year?"

He Jichen didn't say anything but let his gaze fall upon Chen Bai's face.

Chen Bai knew what He Jichen meant by his gaze, so he hurriedly said, "When we first investigated, we didn't have any leads, remember? It was like someone purposefully covered their tracks, so I figured there was no way we could find out what really happened. But a few days ago, I got a lead. The details aren't clear, but I imagine that with time, we will find out the identity of the group that ambushed Miss Ji and Miss Cheng."

After Chen Bai finished his report, he got out and helped He Jichen open the car door.

After He Jichen got out of the car, Chen Bai added hesitantly, "Mr. He, those people who ambushed Miss Ji and Miss Cheng must've been a couple thugs, but there must be a mastermind behind it all. I suspect it had something to do with Lin Sheng, so Mr. He, should we continue to investigate further?"

Lin Sheng? He's close to Han Zhifan.

Han Zhifan once tried to get He Jichen and Lin Sheng to get to know each other, but because Lin Sheng ran with a bad crowd, didn't come from a clean background, and was easily irritable, He Jichen refused...

He Jichen knew what Chen Bai was worried about, but with no hesitation at all, he replied with just one word - "Investigate!"


The day He Jichen left with lingering unspoken words while standing at the door for so long:

It wasn't that Ji Yi never thought about what He Jichen wanted to say but couldn't manage to say. However, those were just her speculations; in the end, she never asked He Jichen about it. It wasn't until the day of her birthday that she finally understood what he was hiding with his silence that day.