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Chapter 562: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (22)

 Chapter 562: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (22)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

But now...

Ji Yi hesitated for a moment but didn't dial He Jichen's number in the end. She noticed the reporters had no intention of leaving, so after a moment's silence, she said, "I'll say it again. I'm not taking any interviews today. Everyone, please move aside."

Her words were like a pebble thrown into a vast ocean which didn't create a single ripple.

The reporters' questions were neverending.

"Apologies, my mother has nothing to do with any of this. If it's possible, I hope everyone can allow her to leave." Seeing as the reporters had no intention of negotiating with her, all she could do was plead with them to let her mum go.

"Miss Ji Yi, could you please answer my question?"

"Miss Ji Yi, are you avoiding the topic because you're guilty?"

"Miss Ji Yi..."

The two of them stood uncomfortably and unsteadily in the center of the group of reporters.

Trapped inside, they definitely couldn't get out, so the best way to leave was for someone to escape first and call the police or call the office.

Seeing as nobody cared about what Ji Yi said, Ji Yi's mum said, "I don't work in showbiz. Could you please make a path for me to leave first?"

Ji Yi's mum didn't get a response either.

She furrowed her brows and said with a more threatening voice, "Could you please move aside? I'm going to call the police on all of you surrounding me like this."

Those reporters still ignored what Ji Yi's mum said as they continued to surround Ji Yi and her mum with an impenetrable wall.

Ji Yi's mum didn't waste her breath anymore and immediately snatched the phone from Ji Yi's hand and dialed "110."

A sharp-eyed reporter saw this then immediately grabbed the camera and pointed it at Ji Yi's mum with her fingers on the phone. As he recorded her, he asked, "May I ask, Miss Ji Yi, are you asking your mother to call the police because you have a guilty conscience from plagiarizing Qian Ge's performance and want to run away?"

This group of reporters could truly twist the story and make good seem bad and bad seem good. Seeing that Ji Yi's mum was really calling the police, a wave of questions came flooding in after the first one.

"Ji Yi's mother, are you calling the police to avoid our questions?"

"Miss Ji Yi, why would you rather call the police than face our cameras and answer our questions?"

There were reporters on the scene broadcasting live who twisted the truth: "Hello everyone, we are on the first floor of SF beauty salon and we bumped into Miss Ji Yi and her mother. To decline our interviews, Ji Yi's mother has called the police here to threaten us. I would like to verify that those videos circulating online of Miss Ji Yi plagiarizing Miss Qian Ge's acting are, in fact, true..."

Before "110" could get through, Ji Yi's mum quickly lowered the phone from her ear. Even though she was slow to anger, when she heard the reporter, it was understandable for her to get angry. After she hung up the call, she headed for the live broadcaster and said, "This presenter here - how could you say that? When did I call the police to threaten you all?"

"I've been emphasizing I am not in showbiz and that I have my own freedom. I should be able to leave, but all of you won't let me leave!"