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Chapter 551: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (10)

 Chapter 551: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Even though they were a phone call apart, He Jichen felt Ji Yi's mood slowly improving. He said, "And anyway, why compare yourself to her? Aside from her b*tchiness, I don't see anything special about her. Don't tell me you want to be compared to someone who is even more b*tchy?"

Ji Yi couldn't help but chuckle as she never imagined He Jichen would suddenly say something like that. "I'm not taking it that hard, alright?"

"That's good. I thought you were taking things too hard."

Ji Yi didn't say anything, but she could clearly feel her chest fill up with joy, bit-by-bit.

After some time, He Jichen spoke again: "Feeling a bit better?"


"That's good. Then listen to me and get some things done..."


"Take a shower, dry your hair, and drink a glass of milk. Then get in bed, close your eyes, don't think about anything, and get a good night's sleep..." He Jichen paused for a moment before his voice returned. "... Do what I say. I won't hang up. I'll stay with you."

I'll stay with you... Ji Yi never knew that four simple words could have such power. In that very moment, she felt like even if the sky fell, there would be nothing to fear as long as she had He Jichen by her side!

Ji Yi endured the raging emotions on her mind and let out a gentle "Mhm." Then she put down her phone and followed He Jichen's instructions.

He Jichen, who hadn't returned home yet, knew Ji Yi didn't have her phone on her anymore, but he didn't lower his phone from his ear.

He stared out at the night view of the city passing by and thought the four words he just said in his mind again.

I'll stay with you...

Four years ago, when you got into your accident, I couldn't be by your side. Four years later, no matter how many things happen to you, I will stay by your side.

I left you on your own to deal with all the ugliness of the world. I won't leave you to deal with it a second time...

Ji Yi picked up her phone again and noticed that forty minutes had passed.

The call was still ongoing.

She laid in bed and followed He Jichen's orders. She pulled the covers over her body, put her ear to her phone, and continued to chat casually with He Jichen.

"You home yet?"


"You took a shower?"


"You hungry?"


They chatted like that for who knew how long before sleepiness crept up on her. Ji Yi's eyelids gradually closed.

On the other side of the phone, He Jichen noticed that Ji Yi was replying more slowly and figured that she must be sleepy so he stopped talking.

The night was peaceful. Through the phone, he could hear her breathing gradually becoming slow and deep.

He stood in front of the tall windows and stared out at millions of lights then lit a cigarette. After a drag, he suddenly remembered something and said to Ji Yi, "Xiao Yi?"

"Mhm?" Her voice was slurred.

"You have to remember what I said."

"Every promise I told you:

--Without YC, you'll still have me.

--I won't swarm to you when you're famous, and I won't turn and leave you at your lowest point."

"... Mhm."


When Ji Yi woke up again, it was noon of the third day after new year's and her phone shut off because it ran out of battery.

The whole ordeal about her plagiarizing Qian Ge's idea got so big that her parents found out.

Ji Yi's mum was so afraid of Ji Yi lounging around at home and having wild thoughts running through her mind. After lunch, she dragged Ji Yi to the beauty salon to enjoy the spa.