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Chapter 545: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (5)

 Chapter 545: Unexpectedly, Deeply in Love with Him (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

What was most important was that her inspiration came originally from the first night she rushed over to the hospital and took care of He Jichen. After her name reached the top searches list as the first and only artist to sign under YC, she called He Jichen, but he fainted over the phone before she could speak. After he slept, she listened to"Within Your Radius" and stared at his sleeping face in a daze. Ji Yi took that and exhibited her feelings from that moment in her performance.

This was clearly her original experience, so how could Qian Ge replicate that with ninety-nine percent accuracy?

In the few hours Ji Yi had her phone switched off, "I love eating mangoes" hadn't made just one Weibo post.

The other Weibo posts were also comparisons similar to the one Ji Yi saw while brushing her teeth in the morning.

Weibo posts from "I love eating mangoes" became increasingly popular. When Ji Yi first opened Weibo and saw the comparison gifs, they had already been shared amongst several major verified users. In the ten short minutes or so that it took for Ji Yi to read "I love eating mangoes"'s Weibo post, the post was shared over a thousand times and the hashtag #JiYiplagerizesQianGe# had already started circling.

Because "The Legend of Qingcheng" finished filming first and was first to broadcast, everyone watched that show first and it was naturally the original, whereas Ji Yi's "The Tempestuous Grand Tang" inevitably became the copy and plagiarized version since it was broadcast later.

No matter whether it was "The Legend of Qingcheng" or "The Tempestuous Grand Tang," both series were the hottest dramas that spring. Since people paid a lot of attention to them, it didn't take long for conversations around the series to climb to the top of Weibo's hottest search list.

Having encountered something like this, any artist would seek advice from their manager.

So Ji Yi immediately called Zhuang Yi first thing.

The situation escalated faster than Ji Yi imagined. Zhuang Yi already heard the gossip and was discussing it with the company.

Zhuang Yi was afraid Ji Yi would say something wrong and someone would have something they could use against her, so before Zhuang Yi hung up, she specifically ordered Ji Yi not to post anything on Weibo without the company's permission. Zhuang Yi also told Ji Yi there were no celebrities who hadn't had any scandals, so she had to stay calm and wait for her call.

The situation not only escalated faster than Ji Yi imagined, but it was also far worse than she imagined.


After the call with Zhuang Yi, Ji Yi then opened Weibo again to see that #JiYiplagerizedQianGe# had already shot up to the top ten most-searched list.

Having clicked into the conversation, she not only saw many major verified users and news outlets who shared it, but even minor celebrities shared "I love eating mangoes"'s Weibo post.

The topic skyrocketed by the minute until it reached first place. In under ten minutes, the hashtag #JiYiplagerizedQianGe# already reached first place and even had a fire emoji after the title.

The Weibo post Ji Yi made yesterday was about to break the highest record of three million, but after she checked it, the first line was filled with abusive comments.

There were so many direct messages that she couldn't count them all. They were all the same type of unbearably abusive, hateful messages.

This kind of thing was just unacceptable.

Zhuang Yi deliberated for a long time before she eventually replied to Ji Yi: "What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over. Let's wait and see how things pan out."

At this stage, there was only one path to take - Ji Yi uninstalled Weibo. Deep down, she hoped it would all blow over after tonight, but she never imagined that not only were there no signs of it stopping but the situation would worsen.