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Chapter 540: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (40)

 Chapter 540: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (40)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

In five seconds, the hero Ji Yi chose respawned. Having just come out of the healing springs, another series of alerts and vibrations started again.

And so, under a minute after she respawned, Ji Yi died before a new wave came, even before she could get a kill or receive assistance.

Even though Ji Yi knew this was just a game and was just for fun, she got really mad. She was killed repeatedly from being harassed by a stranger, so deep down, she was extremely upset!

Ji Yi forced herself to calm down. After the game ended with a "0-8-2" loss, Ji Yi saw an in-game message saying she had been reported by her teammates and had five credits deducted. Even more pissed than before, Ji Yi tapped the game assistant without a second thought.

"Young Windchaser" sent her two whole pages of messages.

"Biaomei, I'll lead you. I'm last season's King player!"

"Biaomei, you want to Chu CP?"


Chu f*cking CP!

Ji Yi, who rarely swore, secretly cursed inside as she angrily raised her fingers, about to send a few words to this "Young Windchaser."

But just as she typed a few words, she realized it wasn't worth getting angry over a complete stranger, so she forcefully stabbed at the screen to delete what she typed, word-by-word.

After his shower, He Jichen dried his hair and walked out of the lounge. He glanced at Ji Yi's angry little face, stabbing hard at the screen.

He Jichen suddenly stopped patting his hair dry. "What's wrong?"

When Ji Yi heard He Jichen's voice, she looked up and glanced over at him and complained like she usually did to He Jichen. "Just met this crazy person in the game. When Huahua and I were playing, he sent me messages non-stop and got me killed eight times! Pissed me off!"

Before Ji Yi finished speaking, He Jichen was already standing by her side.

He Jichen towered over Ji Yi's screen. He casually glanced over then caught the message: "Biaomei, you want to Chu CP?"

He Jichen's brow creased as a stern look flashed across his eyes.

Not having sensed the change in He Jichen's expression, Ji Yi deleted her own words and tapped "Young Windchaser"'s name. Just as she was about to drag his name onto the blocked users list, He Jichen's fingers suddenly reached out and grabbed the phone from her fingers.

"What's wrong?" Ji Yi instinctively raised her head and looked over at He Jichen.

He Jichen casually threw his towel onto the sofa and sat next to Ji Yi. He flatly replied "Pissed!" as he quickly typed a reply to "Young Windchaser": "Alright, let's play."

Soon enough He Jichen and "Young Windchaser" were matched into a game.

He Jichen had never played this game before, but when he was in the hospital, he watched Ji Yi play and was familiar with the game rules.

When choosing his character, He Jichen casually scrolled through a few and read over their abilities then chose an archer.

When he was young, he skipped classes like it was nothing and spent practically every day in the internet cafe playing games, so these kind of phone games were easy to pick up for He Jichen. Once he was in the game, He Jichen was familiar with the wild beasts' abilities then he started to kill minions for money.