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Chapter 533: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (33)

 Chapter 533: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (33)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_


That night, He Jichen's heart softened when Ji Yi said, "I wanted to give you a surprise," lightening the atmosphere. Without reading the atmosphere, he said seriously, "With YC gone, you'll still have me," suddenly making the atmosphere feel even more strange.

In their hearts, they both had their own apprehensions.

He Jichen was afraid to take one step forward - not to get closer to Ji Yi, but he was afraid of pushing her even further away.

Upon realizing that her feelings for He Jichen had turned to a faint sense of joy, she suddenly remembered He Yuguang.

So, the two of them stayed quiet and didn't say a word to each other. Later, when they came back to their senses, they both tactfully brushed over what they said.

That night, Ji Yi and He Jichen still went to Chang'an street to see the night view and ate crayfish down the night market full of street food. By the time He Jichen drove Ji Yi back home, it was already two in the morning.

That night, Ji Yi laid in bed, tossing and turning, unable to go to sleep. Her mind drifted over to He Jichen's words, "With YC gone, you'll still have me."

After He Jichen drove Ji Yi back home, he started catching up on some work. He rubbed his sore shoulders and lit a cigarette. He walked up to the tall windows and stared out at the billions of lights as Ji Yi's dainty yet resolute voice suddenly came to mind: "The main point was that I wanted to give you a surprise."

After that night, Ji Yi's days went by smoothly.

"Three Thousand Lunatics" was still broadcasting and Princess Qing Yang garnered more support from the fans than Empress Chunyi, especially in the explosive second half of the show. As the series drew to a close, Weibo often had clips of Princess Qing Yang on its top searches. Whereas Empress Chunyi, played by Qian Ge, was rarely mentioned by anyone.

Qian Ge's reputation took a big hit from the BL Charity Gala fiasco. After it all blew over, although she still had endless jobs lined up, her reputation was still sullied; every time she posted on Weibo, there were always quite a few people hating on her.

When Ji Yi's Weibo account reached over 500 million followers, she went to Hengdian studios again to join the production team for "The Tempestuous Grand Tang."

At the same time, Qian Ge's new drama "The Legend of Qingcheng" was also filming at Hengdian studios.

That meant she and Qian Ge were both filming at Hengdian studios. According to Zhuang Yi, they both stayed at the same hotel too, but neither of them ever bumped into each other.

The director for "The Tempestuous Grand Tang" wasn't He Jichen, but He Jichen still dropped by often in the two months or so of Ji Yi's filming to represent the production company.

"The Legend of Qingcheng" and "The Tempestuous Grand Tang" started filming on the same day, but "The Legend of Qingcheng" finished ten days earlier than "The Tempestuous Grand Tang."

It was already November when she returned to Beijing after leaving the set of "The Tempestuous Grand Tang."

It wasn't winter break yet at school, so with no jobs lined up, Ji Yi studied to make up for missed classes and tackle the end-of-term exams just like she did after "Three Thousand Lunatics" was over.

Time flew by and in the blink of an eye, it was already the new year. On the fifth of January, "The Legend of Qingcheng" started broadcasting.

January fifteenth was the day of Ji Yi's end-of-term exams. After they were over, "The Tempestuous Grand Tang" started broadcasting the day after she went home for winter break.

Five whole months passed between Ji Yi mercilessly retaliating against Qian Ge at the BL Charity Gala and the start of broadcasting for "The Tempestuous Grand Tang."

In those five months, Ji Yi's life could really be described as serene and monotonous.

If Ji Yi really had to describe something interesting that happened in the past five months, it was that YC arranged a new assistant to work with her.