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Chapter 512: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (12)

 Chapter 512: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (12)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

On the second day Ji Yi could walk again, she was tempted to walk around the office, but after she woke up, she opened her Weibo out of habit to see a message: "On August 27th, the BL Charity Gala will be held in Beiyang."

The BL Charity Gala... It's single-handedly hosted by Su Yihan, the famous fashionista. Almost all celebrities will be attending, especially big A-list celebrities, so will Qian Ge be going too?

As that thought crossed Ji Yi's mind, she immediately searched Qian Ge's name and opened her Weibo page.

Her most recent Weibo post was a repost of the public announcement for the "BL Charity Gala": "Tonight at 8 PM, see you all at the BL Charity Gala."

At first, the BL Charity Gala was broadcast on Sucheng TV, but as online media grew in the past two years, this year's BL Charity Gala was going to be in association with eight online platforms such as Star Entertainment and South Broadcasting to be broadcast live.

Cameras meant for the satellite TV broadcast of the Charity Gala were mostly on stage, but the online streaming platform was different. To attract more viewers, they were definitely going to make things entertaining. In other words, every little thing that happened on tonight's BL Charity Gala would be broadcast live on every platform to a live audience...

Ji Yi was still a little sleepy from her night's rest but when she thought harder about the gala, it woke her up completely.

Qian Ge's going... It's a live broadcast...

These two phrases repeatedly circled Ji Yi's mind for some time then she suddenly decided on something and her eyes lit up. As she suddenly bolted up, she found Zhuang Yi's number and impatiently made a call.

Zhuang Yi had just gotten up from bed and was brushing her teeth when she got the call. With toothpaste still in her mouth, she mumbled: "What's wrong, Ji Yi?"

"Do you have an invite to tonight's BL Charity Gala?" Without bothering to chit-chat, Ji Yi went straight to the point.

"Yeah I do, but..."

Ji Yi interrupted her: "Get ready. Go to the BL Charity Gala with me tonight."

"But, the wound on your leg..." Zhuang Yi's voice sounded a little hesitant.

Seeing as her ankle had only just gotten better, Ji Yi knew Zhuang Yi was afraid she'd hurt her ankle again if she wore high heels to the gala. She didn't wait for Zhuang Yi to finish and she said, "I'm aware of the situation. Don't worry. Nothing's going to happen."

After a two second pause, Ji Yi continued to say, "Pick me up at four and come with me to buy a dress and get styled."

Zhuang Yi thought about it for a moment before agreeing. "Alright, see you in the afternoon."

"See you in the afternoon." After Ji Yi finished speaking, she took off her earphones and was just about to hang up when she suddenly remembered something. "Zhuang Yi!" cried Ji Yi quickly into the phone.

"Was there something else?"

Ji Yi let out a soft "Mhm" then after some time, she said, "About me attending the Charity Gala - help me keep it a secret for now."

Though Zhuang Yi was confused, she didn't ask for clarification. "Got it."

When Ji Yi hung up, she was in no hurry to get up. She rested against the headboard with her phone in hand.

She stared at the TV on the wall in front of her as a slight chill crept into her eyes.