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Chapter 511: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (11)

 Chapter 511: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (11)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

For example, there was this one time when He Jichen received a WeChat message from Ji Yi during a meeting that said: "He Jichen, log onto QQ."

He Jichen rarely used QQ, so when he saw that message, his first reaction was to reply with a question mark. "Is there something you can't say on WeChat?"

"Aiya! Don't ask, just quickly log onto QQ..." Ji Yi was afraid He Jichen wouldn't agree to do it, so she even sent a cute emoji to persuade him.

He Jichen waited for QQ to finish downloading then replied to Ji Y by saying: "Alright."

As He Jichen logged onto QQ, he got a message from Ji Yi: "I'm sending a few red envelopes on QQ. Remember to accept themmm~"

She was afraid he wouldn't accept them, so she added, "You have to accept themmm~"

After QQ was successfully downloaded, Ji Yi's message popped up. There really were two encrypted red envelopes.

When He Jichen clicked to accept them, there was a message pre-written by Ji Yi to be sent to herself.

"Ji Yi, you're so beautiful!"

"Ji Yi, your performance as Princess Qing Yang was better than Qian Ge by far!"

As He Jichen accept the two red envelopes, Ji Yi sent a few more encrypted red envelopes which also turned out to be compliments to herself.

"Ji Yi, your skin is great!"

"Ji Yi, your King of Glory skills can definitely take on mine!"

As He Jichen accepted Ji Yi's red envelopes, he listened to the department director's report.

Because their conversation was rather important, He Jichen didn't notice the contents of the latter red envelopes. After he accepted them all, Ji Yi didn't send any more envelopes. He Jichen put the phone down then immersed himself into his work.

Ten minutes into his work, He Jichen finished.

He sent Ji Yi several messages; most of the messages were screenshots of the red envelopes he received on QQ.

Underneath the screenshots was Ji Yi's reply to him: "He Jichen, now I know just how much of a sweet talker you are. Ah, you sure know how to compliment someone!"

He Jichen burst out laughing. After some time, he replied to Ji Yi with a line of ellipses: "..."

"Eeek, He Jichen, why did you send me that?"

After He Jichen's message was sent, another message from Ji Yi came in.

He Jichen was just about to send "?" when another screenshot came onto the screen. It was a message he sent to her automatically: "Sorry Ji Yi, I was wrong."

He Jichen furrowed his brows then he clicked on QQ. He realized that among the long series of red envelopes, there was one last red envelope he missed. It wasn't one complimenting Ji Yi but it read: "Sorry Ji Yi, I was wrong."

He Jichen opened WeChat to see that Ji Yi sent another message: "He Jichen, be honest! What the hell did you do!"

He Jichen: "..."

Ji Yi: "You admitted you were wrong, yet you still won't be honest with me. I don't want to put up with you anymore!"

He Jichen: "..."

After two seconds, He Jichen typed a line of words: "Ji Yi set up He Jichen to walk down the longest path he's ever walked."

Ji Yi instantly replied with a "roll on the floor laughing in tears" emoji.

He Jichen stared at the emoji, imagining Ji Yi smile. His brows instantly turned gentle and soft.

A month was neither long nor short, but as the two kept in contact like this, time quickly and quietly slipped by.