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Chapter 510: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (10)

 Chapter 510: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

It didn't stop there. Similar situations happened later, but the most memorable one of all for Chen Bai was the "Forced matching clothing."

As usual, it happened in the afternoon. Earlier that afternoon, there was a bout of thunder and rain, and the summer humidity had disappeared.

He Jichen was sitting in the office, discussing the upcoming business trip with Chen Bai, when he received a message from Ji Yi.

That message wasn't actually one Ji Yi took the initiative to send first, but it was a reply to the message he sent over lunch asking "What are you up to?" She replied: "Nothing much. Huahua's busy, so she can't play with me. I'm reading a GUCCI catalog that just got sent to my house."

"Let me see," replied He Jichen as he tapped the phone.

Shortly after, He Jichen received over ten pictures. He casually flipped through them then chose several pictures to send to Ji Yi. "The new collection isn't bad."

"What a coincidence! We have quite similar tastes, but I don't like this one. I like this one more," replied Ji Yi as she sent him two images.

He Jichen had a government meeting at four in the afternoon. He initially planned to leave at half past three, but it wasn't even two o'clock when he told Chen Bai they should leave after they finished discussing the business trip schedule.

On the way to the meeting, they happened to pass a shopping mall. He Jichen asked Chen Bai to turn in.

That was when Chen Bai realized He Jichen's intentions; he wanted to personally go buy the things Miss Ji showed him...

But the facts proved that Chen Bai was overthinking things. After they stepped into the GUCCI store, He Jichen took a seat in the lounge and sent pictures to Chen Bai for him to choose.

Chen Bai moaned that even with Mr. He at the mall, he couldn't run away from his fate as a slave. Meanwhile, he picked out all the clothes He Jichen sent him.

Just when Chen Bai was about to pay, He Jichen, who had been casually sitting in the lounge drinking coffee, unexpectedly wandered over. Chen Bai thought He Jichen came over to check the items, but just as he was going give him an overview, He Jichen raised his hand and pointed at him. Then he told the shop assistant beside him, "Give him the receipt to sign."

That was when Chen Bai realized that while he was picking out clothes for Ji Yi, He Jichen hadn't actually stayed in the lounge but he went into the men's section to pick out clothes...

After they paid the bill and checked the goods, Chen Bai noticed just how familiar the clothing He Jichen picked out was to Ji Yi's clothes. They were the same colors as the ones he just bought for Miss Ji. In fact, there were two outfits with the exact same designs as hers! What was most important was that He Jichen actually chose the same wallet he picked out for Miss Ji...

So, Mr. He wasn't entirely there to personally pick out clothes for Miss Ji, but he was there to forcefully get them matching couple's clothes...

Of course, He Jichen and Ji Yi didn't just talk about what she liked then get He Jichen to send someone over immediately to deliver it to her... no, a lot of the time, Ji Yi and He Jichen also talked seriously about work. However, on those rare occasions, Ji Yi, who was crazy bored at home, also shared some thoughts that made He Jichen unsure whether to cry or laugh.