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Chapter 505: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (5)

 Chapter 505: From Here on Out, You Are the Only One in My Heart (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Han Zhifan's gentle breath grazed Cheng Weiwan's lips. The soft, tickly sensation stifled Cheng Weiwan's breathing as her eyelashes quivered endlessly.

It was like her pressure points had been hit. Apart from clutching onto her sleeve tightly, she stood on the spot, not daring to move an inch.

She still hadn't replied when her face gradually started to flush.

"Wanwan..." Han Zhifan spoke again with a tender murmur, like one between lovers. "...Are you not saying anything because you haven't thought it through?"

After Han Zhifan said this, he waited for a while. Seeing as Cheng Weiwan still didn't reply, he added, "Don't worry, Wanwan. I can wait for you..."

With that, Han Zhifan moved away from Cheng Weiwan's lips and reached out to lovingly stroke her long hair. He turned his head and glanced at the cake beside them. "Let's cut the cake..."

As Han Zhifan's voice fell, Cheng Weiwan lifted her eyes and shot a glance at the man in front of her.

She clearly saw a hint of disappointment between his brows.

She felt a tinge of pain from something pricking her heart.

Han Zhifan took a step back and put some distance between himself and Cheng Weiwan. He turned around, walked over to the dining table and bent over. He didn't have time to pick up the box of cutlery when Cheng Weiwan suddenly cried, "Han Zhifan."

Han Zhifan turned his head.

The swaying candlelight accentuated his unusually slim silhouette.

Cheng Weiwan stared unwaveringly at his face for a while before she moved her lips again, "Do you... really like me?"

Han Zhifan wasn't in a hurry to reply, but his gaze was transfixed on Cheng Weiwan for a while. He put the knife and fork back onto the table then walked up to her.

He stared at her eyes for a few seconds and shook his head. "No."

Cheng Weiwan was stunned.

Han Zhifan's voice quickly traveled into her ears: "I don't really like you - I love you."

I don't really like you, I love you... These words were like a hammer pounding at Cheng Weiwan's heart, making her heart race.

She had written many romantic stories, but she had never had her own love story.

She had just one dream, which was to love only one person.

All these years, she stayed single because she was waiting for the one and only love of her life.

She had waited for so many years. Was her wait finally over now?

"Han Zhifan, all I've wanted in my life was to be in love and love a man. Do you get it now?"

"What a coincidence." Han Zhifan looked sincere like he was going to make a promise. "All I want in my life is to be in love and love a woman."

Cheng Weiwan didn't speak again but she took a step forward. She tip-toed and kissed Han Zhifan on the lips.

Han Zhifan was completely stunned for a few seconds before he reached his hand out and domineeringly pushed Cheng Weiwan's head forward, kissing her deeply.

Her body slowly melted in his embrace.

His hand around her waist started to wander over her clothes and up her body.

His palms scorched her body, burning her incessantly.

She instinctively raised her hands and grabbed his shirt.

Her small movements made his brows twitch. The next second, he forcefully tore off her clothes.