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Chapter 494: YC Exists and Dies With Her (4)

 Chapter 494: YC Exists and Dies With Her (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He Jichen furrowed his brows slightly and turned to look at Ji Yi.

She was holding her chopsticks and staring out the window. She was so transfixed that she didn't even sense him standing by her side.

"Xiao Yi," cried He Jichen in a low voice.

Ji Yi didn't react at all like she was completely lost in her own thoughts.

"Ji Yi, He..." said Zhuang Yi intuitively.

Zhuang Yi didn't get to finish speaking when He Jichen shot her a glance as if to hush her.

Zhuang Yi's words immediately disappeared from her mouth.

He Jichen shot her another glance. Although he didn't say anything, Zhuang Yi knew he was asking her to walk away. Zhuang Yi immediately picked up her phone from the table then retreated to Chen Bai's side nearby.

He Jichen stared at Ji Yi; this picture was frozen still for some time. Then he reached out for her hand and gently removed the chopsticks from her fingertips.

His actions shocked her body into quivering. After a few seconds, she sluggishly turned to look at him.

When he met her eyes, He Jichen curved his mouth into a slight smile. "Why aren't you eating?"

He spoke softly with a gentle, clean smile, which was entirely different from his usual proud and untouchable self.

No one disliked a person who spoke gently to them. However, at this very moment, He Jichen's tenderness pierced Ji Yi's guilty heart, making her feel even more remorseful. A second later, she lowered her head to hide from his gaze.

She didn't say anything.

He Jichen knew Ji Yi was upset about the series of disputes about yesterday's variety show recording. He patiently waited for a while and spoke with an even softer and gentler voice, "Is the food not to your taste?"

She still didn't say anything. She heard He Jichen's soft voice and felt extremely guilt-ridden and pained deep down inside.

He Jichen didn't reveal any annoyance with her silence. In fact, he asked again with a good temper, "Then, what do you want to eat? I'll help get it for you."

I'm clearly not paying attention, yet he's still going out of his way to trouble himself. Not only is he not blaming me, but he's still patiently talking to me...

Ji Yi felt her throat instantly become choked up and she remained silent. However, this time, she shook her head at He Jichen.

"Do you not want to eat, or do you not want to eat here?" asked He Jichen, confused by her head shaking. Seeing as she didn't make a sound or respond, he continued to say, "Then tell me, what do you want to eat? It doesn't matter if it's not here. As long as you say it, I'll ask someone to make it for you."

When she heard this, Ji Yi's fingers suddenly shook and a layer of mist clouded her vision.

She wanted to tell him, "No thanks," but the bitterness in her throat stopped her from making a sound. All she could do was shake her head at him again.

He Jichen had never cheered a girl up before. This was his first time, so he had no experience. Seeing as Ji Yi still looked sulky after he said so much, he didn't know what else to do. He stood by her side for some time then he reached his hand out and pushed her wheelchair. He turned her around to face him. He crouched down and gently raised her head. He looked at her lowered eyes and little face for a short while then said, "How can you not eat? I haven't had lunch yet either. Let's eat together, alright?"