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Chapter 481: Who Dares Have Something to Say About the Person Im Protecting? (1)

 Chapter 481: Who Dares Have Something to Say About the Person I'm Protecting? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Qian Ge didn't give Ji Yi a chance to reply and spat out the words: "Xie Siyao."

"Oh, that's right! I recommended Xie Siyao to the show's production crew. I did it on purpose because you hate her!"

Then without checking to see if Ji Yi heard her clearly, Qian Ge hung up the call.

Ji Yi lowered the phone from her ear when she heard the "Doot-doot-doot" sound of the busy tone.

Xie Siyao was the same as Qian Ge - she hated them both.

Xie Siyao was once both her and Qian Ge's enemy in showbiz. At the time, Xie Siyao bullied the weak but was afraid of the strong. When they saw she was angry, neither of them dared to mess with her, and she would always take things out on Qian Ge. Back then, Ji Yi viewed Qian Ge as one of her most important friends, so she would stand in front of Qian Ge every time to protect her!

But in the end, the person she protected decided to work with their enemy and set up the car accident that put her in a three-year coma.

Ji Yi knew Qian Ge only said those last few words to crush her heart.

She also knew that if she really was crushed, that would be exactly what Qian Ge wanted.

However, Qian Ge was the despicable person behind the accident that happened this afternoon and the reason she lost that variety show job. How could she not be crushed?

Ji Yi was still bitter about the accident that happened this afternoon. She was really afraid it wasn't an accident but all Qian Ge's doing!

But Ji Yi had no evidence. This was just a guess she knew perfectly well to be true!

Ji Yi really didn't want to be angry, but the more Ji Yi thought about it, the angrier she felt deep down. Eventually, her heart started to ache and her fingers started to tremble around her phone.


Ji Yi didn't sleep well because of Qian Ge's call. Early the next morning, she was woken up by the alarm.

With her mum's help, Ji Yi was able to get changed after freshening up. Then she sat in the dining room to have breakfast while waiting for Zhuang Yi.

At eight on the dot, Ji Yi's phone rang on-time. It was Zhuang Yi calling.

At five past eight, the doorbell rang. The assistant opened the door. Zhuang Yi had arrived.

Zhuang Yi first greeted Ji Yi's mum then took Ji Yi's wheelchair from Ji Yi's mum's hands and left the house.

Even though it was about time for the early morning rush hour, traffic was quite smooth. At around half past eight, they reached YC.

They took the elevator and reached director Lin's floor. After they stepped out of the elevator, they waited in the lounge for about ten minutes. The elevator doors opened countless times before the black-suited director Lin stepped out theatrically along with several higher-ups.

Zhuang Yi got up first and waited for director Lin to come closer. She greeted her: "Director Lin."

Director Lin glanced at Zhuang Yi then withdrew her gaze and happened to pass Ji Yi in her wheelchair. Without even looking at Ji Yi, she said, "Conference room two." Then she turned on her heels and strode down the hall.

Zhuang Yi pushed Ji Yi first into conference room two. After them, the higher-ups who were in the elevator with director Lin also entered, one after the other.

A group of people sat around the conference table, and after about two minutes, the conference door was pushed open. Director Lin swiftly walked in.

She stood right at the front of the conference room. Without sitting down, she threw a document in front of Ji Yi. The "Pap!" sound was heard as director Lin's crisp, cold voice was heard in every corner of the room: "Sign it."