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Chapter 475: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (5)

 Chapter 475: Quit Dreaming About Ever Making it Some Day (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The actor from Hong Kong started his career earliest out of all of them. Although he wasn't as famous as Qian Ge, he was considered her senior, so the host called his name first to give a self-introduction.

Next was Qian Ge, then the hot new artist who became really big last year, followed by Ji Yi last.

If the show wanted to attract attention, there needed to be interesting, explosive topics. With Ji Yi being the hottest news online, the female host smiled and tilted her head to ask Ji Yi a question after her self-introduction. "We all know that Ji Yi is the first female artist to be signed with YC. May I ask Ji Yi - how did you feel when YC decided to sign you?"

With that, the presenter brought the mic in front of Ji Yi.

Ji Yi wore the most befitting smile as she honestly described the feeling she had when He Jichen put the three contracts in front of her. "I was a little in disbelief like it was all a dream. I only realized the full implications of the signing several days later. It's the same feeling I have now - I can't believe I'm here on your show."

The female host was the essence of the show; she always knew how to manage time and interact with people. The next second, she reached her hand out after hearing Ji Yi's half-joking words and pretended to forcefully pinch Ji Yi's arm. "Now do you know you're not dreaming?"

The audience roared with laughter as they watched the two of them.

Even the two male actors and presenter on stage started to laugh. Everyone laughed except Qian Ge, whose smile was frozen in place.

Ji Yi was just a third-rate minor actress who hadn't even had a leading role and only recently gained some fame, yet the presenter chose to interact with her... But since it was a live shoot, Qian Ge could only grit her teeth and fiercely suppress her inner rage, preventing herself from marching out right there and then.

Because they were pressed for time, they needed to start the next segment of the show, so the male presenter butted in at the right time. "Alright then! Let's officially start off today's show..."

To prevent appearing rigid as the male presenter spoke, Ji Yi glanced over at him and happened to catch a glimpse of Qian Ge standing next to him. Though Qian Ge was wearing her signature smile, she had an obvious chill in her eyes. Ji Yi's fingers clenched her fingers, which further reminded her to be careful. This show was going to help promote her widely. She couldn't let Qian Ge ruin this for her at such a crucial time.

After the self-introductions were over, the rest of the show was like a game show.

The first game was "Live KTV."

They were split into two teams for the game: Ji Yi, the hot new artist, and the female presenter were on one team. Qian Ge, the actor from Hong Kong, and the male host were on the other team.

Everybody had a microphone in their hands as the music played. Whoever could name the song and be the first to sing all the lyrics got one point. The team with the least points received a punishment.

The hot new artist was famous all over China for a Xianxia drama and became an A-lister overnight.

Before his dramatic rise to fame, he entered showbiz as a singer who participated in many singing competitions and sang covers of popular songs, so everyone on set knew he was familiar with many songs.

In a few short moments after the game started, the hot new artist sang all three of the songs that were played. He earned Ji Yi's group three points.