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Chapter 470: Miss, Your Take Out Has Arrived (10)

 Chapter 470: Miss, Your Take Out Has Arrived (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Is Ji Yi happily talking to a man over a game?

He Jichen furrowed his brows slightly as he withdrew his gaze. Then he lowered the volume a little on his computer.

Though He Jichen might have looked like he was concentrating on the conference, his attention was actually completely focused on Ji Yi's phone. Through the voice from the screen, he could barely hear Tang Huahua's voice from Ji Yi's phone. "Wow, we finally won! I'm so happy!"

Following that, a man's voice was heard. "Biaomei, add me as a friend first then let's keep playing."

When Ji Yi was playing beside He Jichen, he caught a glimpse of her ID, "Biaomei_bigbeauty." So that man's referring to Ji Yi?

Just as that thought settled in He Jichen's mind, he heard Ji Yi's soft voice: "Alright."

Alright? The hell with "alright"! cursed He Jichen secretly inside. Then he swept a glance over at Ji Yi to see her fingers tap the screen a few times. He heard the game sounds being resumed.

He'd never played this kind of game before, but seeing her play for the past two days, he could tell with just a few glances that they were about to start a new match.

In this match, the guy's voice was no longer directing Ji Yi and Tang Huahua how to play, but he was chatting with Ji Yi instead.

"Biaomei, where are you from?"


"Biaomei, come get this blue buff."

Tang Huahua: "She's an assist character. Why does she need a blue?! Baby's not happy."

Tang Huahua was ignored as the man's voice continued by asking, "Biaomei, how old are you?"

Biaomei... The hell with "biaomei"... He Jichen started to shift in his seat uncomfortably.

"Biaomei, which do you use more often, WeChat or QQ?


"Biaomei, my WeChat number is..." A series of numbers appeared on Ji Yi's phone. "...You got that? If you didn't, I'll send it through the game, so remember to screenshot it. That's also my phone number. Add me as a friend later."

Isn't it enough to add him as a friend in the game? But he wants her to add him as a WeChat friend too?

He Jichen's fingers quietly curled into a fist. He suddenly had the urge to pull the guy out from the phone and violently beat the sh*t out of him.

"Biaomei, I thought about it - it's too much trouble to have you add me. Tell me your WeChat and I'll add you later."

"Oh..." The game was at its peak, so Ji Yi couldn't care less about giving him her WeChat number. "...Wait, I'll tell you later."

I'll tell you later... She's really going to tell him?

He Jichen held back the impulse to rush over to Ji Yi and snatch her phone. He stared at the computer screen, deep in thought for a moment, then suddenly had an idea. He didn't say anything, but he tapped the screen and told everyone in the conference: "Apologies, please wait just a moment."

After he said this, he paused the video conference and pulled out his phone. After downloading an app, he frantically tapped the screen.

After he put the phone down, He Jichen started up the video conference again.

Ji Yi was chatting away enthusiastically on her phone nearby.

Ten minutes later, Ji Yi got a call, "Miss, your takeout has arrived..."

I didn't order take out... Ji Yi was stunned for two seconds before she turned her head and looked over at He Jichen. "Did you ask for takeout?"

He Jichen nodded gently but didn't say anything. He pointed at the computer screen, silently telling Ji Yi that he was busy and that he couldn't walk away; he was subtly asking if she could help him pick it up.

After Ji Yi hung up the call, she was about to resume her game as she headed downstairs to pick up the takeout when she got another call. "Miss, your takeout has arrived..."

On her way downstairs, Ji Yi had no time to get into the game because when one call ended, another would start up.

Ji Yi got a total of ten calls, all telling her "Miss, your takeout has arrived..." Each one of the calls was from a takeaway place.

After Ji Yi ended ten calls from takeaways and returned to her game, it was already over.

Despite Ji Yi being away for the second half of the match, they still managed to win. However, she was reported by her teammates and had a two-hour ban.

Ji Yi was steaming with rage inside as she carried various large and small bags back to the patient room. He Jichen's video conference was over, so she walked over to the bedside and without any hesitation at all, she threw the bags at He Jichen on the bed. "He Jichen, are you bored? Why did you order so much take-"

Ji Yi didn't manage to say the final word "out" when she hastily chucked the heavy bags at him, incidentally hurling herself forward.

In front of her was He Jichen, who was leaning against the head of the bed. Her sudden lunge forward caused her to press down on the body of an unguarded He Jichen...