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Chapter 459: An Overnight Sensation (9)

 Chapter 459: An Overnight Sensation (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Miss Ji looked very young in the photo; she was maybe about sixteen or seventeen years old.

He was afraid Mr. He would suddenly return, so he didn't dare stare at the photo for too long. After just a few seconds, he quickly tried to put it back.

Without permission, he was secretly invading He Jichen's privacy. With a nervous heart, he lost his grip on the photo, causing it to fall on the table.

That was when he realized that on the back of the photo were two lines in black ink.

He first caught sight of the slightly larger words: "Actually, I'm really not so bad. Do you want to try to fall in love with me?"

He'd worked for Mr. He for many years, so he could tell with just one glance that it was Mr. He's handwriting.

Underneath those words was another line of very small words. From the writing, he could tell that those two lines were written at different times.

The first line seemed like it was written many years ago, but the ink for the writing underneath was fresh - it must've been written a few days ago. "YC is the best confession of love I can give to you."

YC... Isn't that his company's name?

Chen Bai had been with Mr. He all the way since he first established YC. At the time, Mr. He insisted on calling the company YC. Chen Bai was confused for a really long time as to why He Jichen chose such a name.

He quickly put the photo back in its original place then waited for Mr. He to return. After he and Mr. He finished discussing business, he thought about the letters YC for a long time. Finally, he understood what YC actually meant.

Ah, YC means "Yi Chen"... "Y" represents Ji Yi, and "C" represents He Jichen... So the real reason why YC exists is due to Miss Ji.

It wasn't until this moment that Chen Bai realized Miss Ji wasn't just an average woman Mr. He spoiled, nor a woman he cared about, nor a woman he liked or was deeply in love with... She was his everything.

Returning to the present, Chen Bai suddenly acted like he had a call as he reached into his pocket for his phone. He made an apologetic gesture to Ji Yi, held his phone to his ear and walked out of the patient room.

After about two minutes, Chen Bai returned with an embarrassed look on his face as he said to Ji Yi, "Miss Ji, there's some urgent business back at the company; I have to go back to deal with it. I'm afraid I might even have to go on a business trip, but if I leave, Mr. He won't have anyone to watch over him..."

After saying this, Chen Bai looked like he had a eureka moment as his eyes lit up. "Oh yeah, how could I forget? There's also Mr. Han..."

As Chen Bai said this, he turned around, acting like he was going to step out of the patient room and call Han Zhifan. However, before he reached the door, he stopped again and started to mumble: "...Look at this memory of mine. Mr. Han is injured and in the hospital too. Even Miss Cheng, who he doesn't have a bad relationship with, is staying with Mr. Han. This time, we're really in trouble. Don't tell me I'll have to put off work? Ahhh, but I really have urgent things to deal with..."

Having heard every word Chen Bai said, Ji Yi glanced over at the sleeping He Jichen and interrupted Chen Bai: "Go ahead, I'll be here to watch over him."

Chen Bai immediately turned around with a pleasantly surprised look on his face. "Really?"

Ji Yi knew full well that she should keep a good distance away from He Jichen, but as soon as she heard Chen Bai mention that no one could take care of He Jichen, she couldn't help but speak up.