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Chapter 441: Ill Take You Back Home (1)

 Chapter 441: I'll Take You Back Home (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

In that instant, everything was completely silent.

So silent that the only thing that could be heard was the sound of blood dripping.

The big and tall Han Zhifan swayed violently for a moment then he raised his hand to touch the back of his head.

His hand instantly turned red. Before he could take a look at his hands, his world turned black and he collapsed to the ground with a "bang!"

The sound alarmed everyone in the alley.

Ji Yi, who watched everything unfold without blinking, suddenly raised her hand and covered her mouth.

The men surrounding Ji Yi and Cheng Weiwan probably didn't intend to hit him so hard. Seeing Han Zhifan lying on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood, utter panic filled each of their faces. They silently shot glances at one another, helped their friends get up from the ground and dashed out of the alley.

The sound of their frantic footsteps moved further and further away as those men disappeared.

Soon after the men disappeared, there was just Ji Yi, Cheng Weiwan and Han Zhifan left in the dim alley.

Ji Yi was the first to snap out of her shock from what just happened. When she came to, she cried at the motionless Han Zhifan: "Mr. Han?"

She was met by a wall of silence.

"Mr. Han?" Ji Yi asked again as she saw the motionless Han Zhifan in a pool of blood. She panicked and in the next second, her legs trembled as she stumbled over to Han Zhifan. "Mr. Han? Mr. Han? Han Zhifan?! Han Zhifan?!"

The man's eyes were tightly shut, completely unresponsive to her cries.

His face was frighteningly pale and his blood-drenched hair stuck to his forehead.

Ji Yi's fingers shivered as she gently touched Han Zhifan. Seeing as his eyelids didn't even flinch, she started to feel completely hopeless.

She instinctively wanted to find a phone and call 120 for an ambulance. She scanned the area and saw Cheng Weiwan's phone by her feet. She quickly crawled over and picked up the phone. Just as she was about to press the button, she suddenly remembered that Cheng Weiwan studied medicine, so she probably knew how to stop the blood. Ji Yi abruptly grabbed Cheng Weiwan's arm. "Wanwan? Wanwan?"

Ji Yi shook Cheng Weiwan violently.

Cheng Weiwan looked into Ji Yi's eyes in a daze.

Ji Yi knew she still hadn't recovered from the terrifying scene, but now, someone's life was in danger. There simply wasn't any time for her to be stunned. Ji Yi hesitated for a moment then a second later, she grabbed Cheng Weiwan's wrist and helped her get up from the ground. They headed over to Han Zhifan, where Ji Yi pushed Cheng Weiwan forward so she could see Han Zhifan's condition clearly.

Cheng Weiwan stared at Han Zhifan's blood-covered face for a moment then her fingers twitched softly.

Ji Yi let out a sigh of relief when she saw Cheng Weiwan finally return from her lifeless state and immediately said, "Wanwan, quick! Think, what should we do? Han Zhifan's bleeding so much. If he continues to bleed like this, I'm scared he's going to be in mortal danger..."