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Chapter 440: Did You Come to See Him? (10)

 Chapter 440: Did You Come to See Him? (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She wanted to stop all of it, but she was held down to the point where she couldn't move. She wanted to beg them, but it felt like something was stuck in her throat. She was so numb that she simply couldn't speak.

In her heart, all she could think about was what was going to happen to Cheng Weiwan now. Was she completely humiliated by that man?

Cheng Weiwan told her that she had never dated before. She looked forward to meeting a good person like the ones in the stories she wrote. She looked forward to being in a relationship that would last forever, but considering what was happening to her, how could she ever live out the life she so looked forward to?

The more Ji Yi thought, the more fiercely her tears fell.

As both her legs were numb from the devastation, she nearly collapsed to the ground. Then Ji Yi suddenly heard a "bang!" like a body had been kicked violently, and there was an ear-splitting howl.

Ji Yi's wet eyelashes quivered softly as she hadn't quite snapped back to her senses.

After about ten seconds, the man next to Ji Yi cursed: "F*ck."

Ji Yi's brows furrowed slightly then she instantly realized that someone else was there. Are they here to save me and Cheng Weiwan?

Ji Yi hurriedly opened her eyes and looked over.

The man on top of Cheng Weiwan was no longer there. Cheng Weiwan was clutching her torn clothes and forcefully covered herself up as she crouched in the corner.

The disheveled man who assaulted her was lying nearby, looking badly beaten up. He let out a "Huk."

The other guys who were surrounding the humiliated Cheng Weiwan straightened up and encircled the black-suited man.

The man had his back to Ji Yi, so she couldn't recognize who he was until one of the other guys made a move first. When he retaliated, he turned his face and Ji Yi realized he was Han Zhifan.

Did Han Zhifan come and just happened to bump into this scene after he called Cheng Weiwan at dinner to ask where she was?

Deep down, Ji Yi was instantly filled with joy and gratitude.

The three people fighting Han Zhifan quickly lost their spirit. The two men guarding Ji Yi released her as they too joined the fight.

Freed from her gag, Ji Yi couldn't care less about how the fight going on. She stumbled over to Cheng Weiwan.

"Wanwan?" Ji Yi called Cheng Weiwan's name then crouched to the ground.

Cheng Weiwan didn't react but curled up her body and cried silently.

Ji Yi's heart ached as she reached her hand out to stroke Cheng Weiwan's disheveled hair. Then she took off her jacket and covered Cheng Weiwan's body.

Cheng Weiwan finally moved, but she merely made a quick glance at Ji Yi then looked away and continued to fall back into a daze.

Just as Ji Yi was thinking about what to say to comfort Cheng Weiwan, she heard an angry roar up ahead. "Who told you to meddle in my business? Go die!"

Ji Yi turned her head and saw a man with a brick rush over to Han Zhifan and hit the back of his head hard.

In that split-second, it was like the picture was frozen still.

After about three seconds, there was blood... Fresh, red blood trickled down from Han Zhifan's head.