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Chapter 438: Did You Come to See Him? (8)

 Chapter 438: Did You Come to See Him? (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Wanwan!" Without any hesitation at all, Ji Yi charged in Cheng Weiwan's direction.

She wanted to pull that man's body away from Cheng Weiwan, but before she could take two steps, the two men sent to watch her held her arms back.

The man pressing up against Cheng Weiwan became more overbearing. His mouth started to slowly travel down Cheng Weiwan's skin, eventually reaching her ******.

Cheng Weiwan tried her hardest to struggle, but it was like a cat tickling a muscular man. Her resilience simply didn't have any effect on him.

The man used even more force to free his hand from Cheng Weiwan and reach into her ripped clothes.

The stifling scent of cigarettes entered Cheng Weiwan's nostrils as his greasy lips sucked her skin non-stop. His coarse hands brushed her skin, repulsing her and making her want to faint.

Her body trembled like crazy as the horror in her eyes spread to her mind. Tears slowly gathered in her eyes.

The moment Ji Yi met Cheng Weiwan, she always seemed calm, no matter the situation. She gave off the feeling that she was very well-educated and elegant; Ji Yi had never seen Cheng Weiwan the way she was at this very moment, so when she saw the tears fall from the corners of Cheng Weiwan's eyes, Ji Yi's heart ached. Then, as though Ji Yi's entire body had been provoked, an unknown strength inside her erupted, tearing the man's hand away from hers. Like a crazy person, she lunged over to the man pressing up against Cheng Weiwan and yanked his clothes in hopes of pulling him away from Cheng Weiwan.

He was so immersed in Cheng Weiwan's beauty that he didn't pay Ji Yi any attention. When he spoke, his lips didn't even leave Cheng Weiwan's skin as he said, "Are you all blind? Take her away!"

Following the man's roar, the two men responsible for Ji Yi instantly snapped back to their senses and quickly drew closer to her.

Ji Yi knew she couldn't handle one guy, let alone two.

But when they came closer, she saw Cheng Weiwan's body tremble.

Ji Yi wouldn't just sit back and ignore it if she saw a woman she didn't know in this kind of situation... but this was her friend in front of her!

She knew deep down that if she fought back now, it would be useless. Regardless, in a moment of desperation, Ji Yi bit the man on top of Cheng Weiwan without a second thought while she sensed the two men drawing closer.

She used all the strength in her body to hurt the man assaulting Cheng Weiwan. After he cried out involuntarily, breaking his mood and angering him, he turned around and mercilessly slapped Ji Yi across the face.

With an equal force to Ji Yi's bite, the man struck hard, causing Ji Yi's ears to ring. Then she felt the scorching pain on her face.

But she wasn't willing to let go.

She clearly felt the man grow more agitated.

She was afraid she might've already used up all her strength, but she still clenched down hard.

"F*ck!" cursed the man as he reached his hand out and grabbed her lower jaw, prying open her mouth. Then he glanced at his arm to see that there was blood. A second later, he violently tossed Ji Yi aside.