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Chapter 431: Did You Come to See Him? (1)

 Chapter 431: Did You Come to See Him? (1)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The wide bathroom was very quiet, so although He Jichen's voice was low, Chen Bai could still clearly hear each and every word. His fingers around the showerhead naturally relaxed as he stared at the pale-faced man. An unbearable feeling came over him and after about ten seconds, Chen Bai snapped back to his senses. He detached the shower head from the wall and adjusted the water from cold to warm then held the showerhead over He Jichen's body.

The rather low temperature gradually woke up the drunken mess that was He Jichen. His eyes shot open as he stared at the ceiling with furrowed brows, appearing like he was puzzled over something. After staring blankly for some time, his pupils rolled over towards Chen Bai.

His beautiful pitch-black eyes became brighter, bit by bit. It seemed like he was just realizing that he was at home. He then gradually sat up in the bathtub and reached his hand out towards Chen Bai.

Chen Bai knew that by doing so, He Jichen was telling him that he wanted to wash himself. Neither of them made a sound. All Chen Bai did was hand him the shower head silently. After He Jichen took it, Chen Bai quickly left the bathroom and helped him close the door then he headed downstairs.

Chen Bai went into the kitchen to cook a bowl of soup to sober him up then carried it up to He Jichen's bedroom.

He pushed open the door. The bedroom lights had already been switched off.

Chen Bai couldn't clearly see the way in the darkness, so he wanted to turn the lights on. Before his fingers touched the light switch on the wall, he heard He Jichen cry from the bed, "Don't turn them on."

He said just four short words, but Chen Bai clearly caught the tremble in his voice.

Mr. He can't be... Chen Bai wasn't sure if he was hearing things, but he didn't dare continue down that train of thought. He stood frozen in the doorway, holding the soup.

After who knew how much time had passed, the phone in Chen Bai's pocket suddenly vibrated.

He freed one hand and reached for his phone to see that Ji Yi had sent him a text: "Have you found him yet?"

Chen Bai knew that by "him," Ji Yi meant He Jichen, so he single-handedly replied: "Found him."

His phone screen was a little large, so it was cumbersome to text. Chen Bai bent over and set the soup down on the floor as he continued to tap on the screen: "He was at the bar you mentioned, Miss Ji."

Thirty seconds later, he received a message from Ji Yi: "As long as you found him."

"Thank you, Miss Ji," replied Chen Bai, who then glanced over at He Jichen lying in bed. Because the lights weren't on, he could only see a faint, dark figure with the light from the hallway. He hesitated for a moment then sent Ji Yi a message: "Mr. He isn't in good shape. The waiter said he was drinking for four days and nights; I'm not sure if he harmed himself from drinking so much. I'll have to call Dr. Xia to come take a look later... Miss Ji, if you're not busy, would you like to visit Mr. He?"

The text was like a rock thrown into the ocean because he received no reply.

Just as Chen Bai was going to type a few words to persuade Ji Yi, his fingers hadn't even touched the phone screen when he heard the faint sound of sniffling from the bed.

Chen Bai suddenly went silent like his pressure points had been pressed.

After about three seconds, he heard another gentle sniffle.

This time, Chen Bai heard it more clearly as he turned his head to look into the pitch-black room.

If I didn't mishear, Mr. He's really crying... No wonder Mr. He doesn't want the lights turned on...