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Chapter 430: I Really Love Her, Who I Could Never Be With (10)

 Chapter 430: I Really Love Her, Who I Could Never Be With (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Mr. He couldn't have stayed here for five days, right?

As that thought flashed across Chen Bai's mind, the waiter who was taking an order nearby happened to walk past him. Seeing as Chen Bai was staring at He Jichen, the waiter stopped. "Hello sir. May I ask, is this gentleman your friend?"

Chen Bai nodded. "Yes."

After a pause, Chen Bai added a short explanation. "He's my boss."

"That's great! This gentleman hasn't left since he came in four days ago. We've cleared almost a hundred empty bottles from him. Besides going to the restroom, he's stayed here and hasn't been anywhere else. When he gets drunk, he just sleeps on the table then wakes up and continues to drink. He's been living in this half-drunken state for four whole days and nights. Since you're his employee, it'd be best if you quickly took him away. We're really afraid that something might happen to him if he continues to drink like this." The waiter looked at Chen Bai like he'd seen a savior and said all that in one long breath.

Ah! So Mr. He really has been here for four days. What in the hell happened to him? Having known him for so many years, Chen Bai had rarely seen him drink. I can't believe he actually drank himself to this state... With that thought, Chen Bai told the waiter, "Got it. Thank you."

Without waiting for the waiter to speak, Chen Bai strode over to He Jichen.

Before Chen Bai drew close to He Jichen, he smelled a strong, pungent smell of cigarettes and alcohol.

Chen Bai instinctively held his breath. After some time, he slowly inhaled and adjusted to the horrid smell. Then he tried to rouse He Jichen: "Mr. He."

In a complete ruin, He Jichen slumped back into the back of his seat with a cigarette in one hand and some alcohol in the other. He was staring straight ahead without reacting in the slightest to Chen Bai's words.

Chen Bai furrowed his brows and cried "Mr. He" again. Seeing as there was no reaction, he took the cigarette and alcohol from He Jichen's fingers. Then he lifted him up from the sofa and put his arm around his shoulders. Chen Bai supported him out of the bar.

Chen Bai shoved He Jichen into the car then drove to He Jichen's apartment.

Traffic was particularly smooth since it was the dead of the night; the car reached the underground parking lot in under ten minutes.

Chen Bai stopped the car, got out, and pulled the passenger side door open. As he reached his arm out to grab He Jichen, he heard him mutter, "She doesn't want me..."

Before Chen Bai's fingers touched He Jichen's arm, he suddenly stopped and heard He Jichen say in a weak voice, "I even willingly pretended to be him, yet she still doesn't want me..."

What does he mean by "willingly pretended to be him"? "She doesn't want me"? What's Mr. He saying?

Completely confused, Chen Bai furrowed his brows and dragged He Jichen out of the car.

As Chen Bai supported He Jichen up and walked into the elevator, He Jichen repeatedly muttered those two sentences.

When they reached the floor of his place, the elevator opened and Chen Bai couldn't wait to walk over to He Jichen's door.

Chen Bai found the keys in his pocket, opened the door, and carried He Jichen straight to the restroom. He grabbed the shower head, but before he turned it on, he heard the trembling man in the bathtub cry out: "I really love her, the woman I can't be with..."