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Chapter 424: I Really Love Her, Who I Could Never Be With (3)

 Chapter 424: I Really Love Her, Who I Could Never Be With (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He cast aside what he was planning to say as he put his phone away and gave her a nod to let her continue.

Seeing He Jichen's reaction, Ji Yi gulped and said, "Yuguang Ge, although we were on the same page at the beginning and were just helping each other out, I'm still very thankful to you. Last year when I was at my wit's end, you stepped up and helped me land a role on 'The Palace' without asking for anything in return."

A few days ago, she thought about the things she wanted to say, but when it came down to really saying it, Ji Yi realized her heart was starting to feel a dull ache before she even got to the point.

She held her breath unflinchingly for a few seconds; she waited until the pain subsided before she continued. "Come to think of it, eight or nine months have passed. My problems have long been resolved, so I shouldn't continue to drag you down. At this point, I wanted to see you to tell you..."

A few days ago, she cried so many times that she should've finished crying all the tears she had. However, when she got to the main point, her eyes still became red and her voice became a little haggard.

She pursed her lips tightly as she stared unwaveringly at the lanterns in the sky for a moment. Then she gritted her teeth and pressed on to the main point. "... Yuguang Ge, our agreed marriage should end now."

It wasn't like He Jichen wasn't curious about the important thing Ji Yi wanted to say, but he never imagined that as soon as she opened her mouth, she would talk about her and He Yuguang's marriage.

He had a feeling deep down about what she was going to say next, but when she really did say it, he was still completely stunned.

Ji Yi waited for a long time but didn't receive any messages from "He Yuguang."

She didn't dare turn her head to look at him. Strictly speaking, she didn't dare move in fear that any movement would cause the tears in the corners of her eyes to roll down.

She continued to wait for some time, but seeing that he was still motionless, she repeated what she said one more time: "Yuguang Ge, our agreed marriage should end now."

Having remained unflinchingly still from her first word, He Jichen finally blinked and picked up his phone about ten seconds later. "Manman, why did you suddenly decide this?"

"It's not a sudden decision. It was a decision I made long ago. After all, we aren't really married. My parents don't know nor do yours, so it'll be pretty easy to end it like this. At the very least, it'll save us some trouble." Although Ji Yi tried her best to speak clearly, she realized that after she spoke, her voice sounded slightly shaky.

The night when she decided to end her fake marriage with He Yuguang, she already experienced pain. Yet, it was at this very moment that she knew the pain back then was no comparison to the pain she felt now.

But there was no other way. She had no other choice. He Yuguang and He Jichen were biological brothers. If she was with either one of them, it would be impossible to avoid the other brother. Now that the two of them had entered her heart, she couldn't forget either one of them and pretend that she never had feelings for them. She couldn't wholeheartedly like only one brother, so all she could do was give up on both.