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Chapter 408: Ji Yi, lets talk (8)

 Chapter 408: Ji Yi, let's talk (8)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi laid in bed, staring at the ceiling as she waited motionlessly for the intense pain to subside. Only then did she take off the covers, get out of bed, and walk into the bathroom.

While sitting on the toilet, she remembered how she didn't bring anything with her when she left Shanghai in a hurry. Aside from the clothes she had on, she had no other possessions in the hotel she was staying in.

At that thought, Ji Yi picked up her phone and reached out to her usual clothing store. She requested them to send an outfit over to her.

She didn't forget to contact her usual makeup store either and bought some cosmetics to be sent over to the hotel quickly.

After she hung up the phone, Ji Yi continued to take her time in the bathroom before she stepped out again. Without thinking twice, she laid in bed for an hour until the hotel phone rang.

It was the front desk. They were confirming whether she ordered clothes and makeup.

She replied with a "yes."

Then she put the phone down. About three minutes later, the doorbell rang.

Ji Yi went to open the door.

A hotel attendant was carrying two bags. "Miss, the things you ordered."

Ji Yi muttered "thank you" as she took them. After the attendant left, she shut the door and went into the bathroom.

She removed the packaging from the cosmetics and carefully applied some primer in front of the mirror. Then she applied a light layer of makeup.

She changed into her new clothes, checked herself in the mirror and confirmed that she looked no different from usual. Then she packed up her few belongings and brought everything downstairs.

Ji Yi walked up to the front desk, handed them the room key and requested to check out.

The lady at the front desk asked for her room number, worked on her computer for some time, then picked up the phone to call housekeeping. Having confirmed that the room was in good order, she then helped Ji Yi check out.

After Ji Yi finished signing the bill, the lady at the front desk shot her a smile and said, "We welcome you to stay with us again." With a soft smile, Ji Yi picked up her things and walked out the door of the hotel.

At the hotel entrance, Ji Yi pulled out her phone and was about to call a taxi when she caught a glimpse of a figure coming towards her from not too far away from the corner of her eye.

Her fingers hovering over the taxi app suddenly stopped as she stared at the phone screen for a few seconds. Then she slowly looked up to see the red string around the wrist of the person walking her way. Her entire body was frozen on the spot.

It was He Jichen, whom she ran out on in Shanghai without saying a word and hadn't seen for two days and nights.

He was still wearing the same clothes he wore in the video Tang Huahua sent her. His hair was even messier than in last night's video. Did he not get any shut-eye since she left him? The circles under his eyes were especially dark.

His face was pale white and his usually clean-shaven chin was covered in stubble.

He looked completely exhausted. He lost his usual arrogant, conceited prince look.

He Jichen was about a meter away from Ji Yi when he came to a stop.

Even if it had been just two days and nights without seeing each other, his expression made it seem like it had been a century.

After his eyes silently scanned her up, down, and all around to confirm that she was alright, he looked into her eyes. His usually clear voice came out unbelievably hoarse: "Xiao Yi."