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Chapter 397: Waking Up the Following Day (7)

 Chapter 397: Waking Up the Following Day (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Chen Bai shut the door and followed He Jichen all the way to the bathroom door.

Before Chen Bai could politely ask He Jichen if he wanted to have something to eat, He Jichen looked up and swept Chen Bai a look in the mirror then said with a bland voice, "Where's Ji Yi?"

Chen Bai was stunned by his question for a moment, but two seconds later, he asked curiously, "Wasn't Miss Ji with you?"

He Jichen creased his brows. "Didn't she get up really early? Didn't she go to the restaurant to eat?"

Chen Bai shook his head. "No... I was sitting at the restaurant for breakfast and lunch, but I didn't see Miss Ji."

He Jichen's heart jumped and an ominous feeling filled his heart.

Seeing He Jichen's expression change, Chen Bai spoke again but with a more cautious tone of voice, "Mr. He, what's wrong?"

She didn't eat in the restaurant and her things are still in the room, so she couldn't have done what I'm thinking... After she woke up and saw us sleeping together, was she so shocked that she found somewhere to hide all alone, worrying about what happened last night?

With that thought, He Jichen threw his razor into the sink. He turned around and walked out of the bathroom. After pulling out his own phone, he found Ji Yi's number and gave her a call.

After about three seconds, the connection went through, but it was an automated response. "Sorry, the person you are trying to reach has turned off their phone."

Turned off?!

The uneasiness in He Jichen's heart grew deeper.

After she got drunk last night, she dragged his number into her blocked numbers list. But then again, he later got hold of her phone and removed it from the list... Don't tell me my hand shook and didn't properly remove my number from the list?

At that thought, He Jichen looked over at Chen Bai. "Give me your phone."

At a loss, Chen Bai was confused as to why He Jichen wanted his phone, but he still obediently pulled out his phone, unlocked it and handed it to He Jichen.

He Jichen took his phone, entered Ji Yi's number and made the call.

He got the same response as when he used his own phone just now. "Sorry, the person you are trying to reach has turned off their phone."

She really did turn her phone off...

He Jichen used Chen Bai's phone to call again. When he confirmed the circumstances, he felt like the situation was more serious than he imagined.

It was a matter of urgency. He had to find her first...

As this idea came to He Jichen's mind, he handed Chen Bai's phone back to him and said, "Go find a hotel manager now to scan through the CCTV footage. Let's see if we can find out where she went."

"Yes, Mr. He." Chen Bai realized that something was wrong, judging by the look on He Jichen's face. He didn't dare to refuse him in the slightest, so he simply gave a short response and took the phone. Then he quickly left He Jichen's room and followed his orders.

As He Jichen waited for Chen Bai's news, he called Ji Yi a few more times but got the same response telling him that her phone was off.

After making countless calls, just when he was going to call her again, he suddenly remembered Tang Huahua. Then he withdrew his fingers, opened his contact list and found Tang Huahua's number. He called her.

Tang Huahua was probably in class since she whispered when she picked up: "Hello, He Xuezhang."