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Chapter 396: Waking Up the Following Day (6)

 Chapter 396: Waking Up the Following Day (6)

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Maybe it was because he hadn't slept so well for such a long time that He Jichen slept like there was no tomorrow.

When he woke up, the room was incredibly quiet. The sunlight outside the window was unusually harsh on his eyes, but it actually felt quite pleasant.

He Jichen was still a little groggy from sleeping for too long, so he laid in bed staring at the crystal lights on the ceiling for a long time. Then he hugged the covers and slowly sat up.

He was used to grabbing his phone from his nightstand, but after reaching around for some time to no avail, he furrowed his brows. That was when he realized that this wasn't his room; it was Ji Yi's room.

Image after image of what happened last night immediately came to his mind. Then he instantly looked over at the other side of the bed.

The bedsheets were left in disarray and the pillow was randomly tossed to the corner of the bed. Yet, there was no one on the other side of the bed.

He Jichen furrowed his brows slightly as he instinctively touched the bed. It was cold; there were no traces of body warmth leftover, which meant that she... had been awake for some time now?

Deep down, He Jichen suddenly realized something. The next second, he pulled off the covers, picked up his bathrobe and messily put it on as he rushed into the bathroom.

Just like the empty half of the bed earlier, there was no one in sight.

But her makeup was still scattered on the shelf above the sink, just where they were when he brought her in to take a shower last night.

He Jichen's restless heart calmed down a little. Then he rushed out of the bathroom and pulled open the wardrobe.

Suitcase, clothes, and shoes. All her luggage was here...

Seeing as she didn't take her stuff, He Jichen let out a long sigh of relief. This meant she didn't really leave... But after she woke up, where did she go? Was she bothered by what happened last night? Or maybe she was hungry so she went to the restaurant downstairs to eat...

Although he tried really hard to restrain himself last night, they still did it again.

Four years ago, he inflicted such an inerasable pain because he was young and naive; because he didn't know how to truly love someone; because he was jealous. He even almost caused her to lose her life. Four years later, he could never repeat the same mistakes again.

So, there were some things he had to tell her.

For example, at the very least, he was willing to take responsibility for what happened last night.

At that thought, He Jichen quickly gathered his thoughts together and walked over to the bedside table. He picked up the phone and gave the front desk a call. He ordered them to send someone up to help him open the room next to his.


Back in his own room, He Jichen first found his phone and called Chen Bai. After asking him to drop by his room, he then walked into the bathroom.

When he finished freshening up, he found a set of casual clothes to change into. Just as he was going to shave his beard in front of the mirror, the doorbell rang.

He shaved his chin with the razor in hand as he walked over to the door and pulled it open.

It was Chen Bai.

"Mr. He, you're awake?" Having been mistaken for He Jichen last night when Ji Yi was drunk, Chen Bai was now afraid that He Jichen would try to get back at him, so he smiled unusually brightly when he spoke.

He Jichen said nothing to his bootlicking and smiling face. He turned right around and headed for the bathroom.


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