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Chapter 394: Waking Up the Following Day (4)

 Chapter 394: Waking Up the Following Day (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_


After going upstairs to check on He Jichen, she headed back down to the main hall, where she found a random quiet spot and asked the waiter to get her lots of wine because she was in a terrible mood.

That was when she drank too much and choked on the alcohol. As she bent over and laid spread out on the table, she coughed. Someone pulled on her arm and pulled her up.

She really drank too much. Her memory was a little fragmented, but she could still recollect a big portion of what happened.

It seemed like she grabbed her phone and called He Jichen but nobody picked up. Then she mistook Chen Bai for He Jichen, He Jichen for Chen Bai, and ordered He Jichen to buy correction fluid...

She couldn't quite remember what happened afterward, but He Jichen took her back upstairs to the hotel room.

At the time, she was a little tired and with alcohol in her system, she was really sleepy too. However, she could still smell Xia Yuan's perfume... Then she seemed to have muttered "Stinky" a few times. She even kicked He Jichen out of the room... Then she heard the two words: "correction fluid"...

Suddenly, she struggled out of bed and grabbed the correction fluid.

But she had too much to drink, so she had no strength left and ended up rolling off the bed.

She must've been really drunk when she hit her head because she couldn't feel the pain. Then she started to crawl up and stagger out of the bedroom.

At that thought, Ji Yi's fingers trembled as her mind replayed the scene like a movie and quickly forwarded to her squirting He Jichen all over his body, face, and hair with correction fluid.

Oh god... I actually did such a thing...

Though nobody on the entire plane knew what she was thinking, Ji Yi still raised her hands to cover her face in complete embarrassment.

In the full awkwardness of this memory, Ji Yi was immersed in it for a minute then continued to recall the events.

A hotel attendant helped her into He Jichen's bathroom to take a shower, but mid-way through, she realized that Xia Yuan used the shower before her. She suddenly felt so disgusted that she ran around the bathroom like a crazy person, out of the attendant's control. She picked up the correction fluid from the living room and smeared it everywhere in the bathroom like a lunatic.

Ji Yi couldn't quite remember what happened afterward, but she vaguely remembered that she said a lot of nonsense. Then He Jichen carried her out of the bathtub.

He helped her out of her soaking wet bathrobe, patted her dry and helped her change into a new, dry bathrobe...

So, at that point in time, he actually saw her completely naked?

Ji Yi's face flushed then she lowered her head.

He helped her dry her hair, brushed her hair, then fed her something...

She couldn't quite remember. Ji Yi figured that the only reason why she didn't feel so horrible during her hangover was probably because he fed her something.

Later on, he led her back into her own room. He stood at the door and didn't come in. By herself, she took two steps in and was shocked by the floor full of lipstick.

So the words that came to mind earlier in the living room, when she saw the lipstick, were the same words he said at that moment.

He told her that he upset her... Perhaps she drunkenly told him that he upset her, so he used this method to cheer her up.

Ji Yi's fingertips suddenly shivered and the image of him telling her "Sorry" came to mind.