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Chapter 385: Why Does Cotton Candy Taste Like Alcohol (5)

 Chapter 385: Why Does Cotton Candy Taste Like Alcohol (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Without even noticing that she was in danger, she continued to mumble, "Ehhhh?! Why so..."

Before she could say the word "hard," He Jichen's gaze intensified suddenly; his arm that was reaching over to block Ji Yi's hand turned around to grab her neck. He grabbed her neck hard, sealing off her windpipe and forcing her to swallow the words back.

He had wanted her ages ago in the living room. In this very moment, he lost control completely and the sleeping beast within him instantly took control. He kissed her with astonishing urgency and craving. He wound his lips around her mouth and kissed her violently.

Soon enough, he had kissed her until she was one big mess, slumped weakly onto his body.

His lips fell to her neck as he tossed the comforter on the bed over to an empty space on the floor. Then he hoisted her onto the bed.

Her bathrobe was tied loosely, so with just one toss, it fell off her body.

He stared at her body filled with his kiss marks all over as faint red flames started to jump from his eyes.

He raised his hands, casually removed his own bathrobe and tossed it aside. Immediately after, he turned around and impatiently pressed her body down.

Her skin was icy cold while his body was scolding hot. The moment they touched, they both shivered at the same time. Then his skin hugged hers tightly.

His slender fingertips trailed from her ears to her neck, her collarbone, then slid down.

He could feel her convulse gently as he moved.

He couldn't stop himself from lowering his head and sealing her lips for the umpteenth time. However, this time, he kissed her more deeply than before as he forcefully inhaled her scent. His kiss was fierce like he wanted to swallow her alive.

Even though he knew this was wrong, he still dove headfirst like a moth to a flame.

This was just like four years ago. He knew she liked his older brother, but he still chose to continue to love her regardless.

There were some things that could never be stopped once they started.

For example, the thing that was happening at this very moment in time...

Just when He Jichen kissed Ji Yi to the point where she was about to suffocate, he firmly and decisively charged into her world.

Four years. It had been four years - more than one thousand, four hundred days and nights - since the first time they were this intimate together...

In this very moment, He Jichen felt like it was all a dream, similar to a dream he had just yesterday.

He stopped everything he was doing as he took in the throbbing ecstasy of the moment. After he noted it in his mind, he finally realized it was real.

He moved slowly and gently. An odd sensation engulfed him, wave after wave.

His breathing was in disarray, and hers was chaotic. With no planning at all, they moved in synchrony together.

The curtains to the bedroom were open and the window was slightly open, so the night's breeze gently wafted into the room with the scent of the Huangpu River.

They became more intensely entangled. As the sounds of his gasps grew, her seductive moans fell gently.

The temperature in the room rose higher and the atmosphere was gentle and enchanting...