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Chapter 380: Their Second Time (10)

 Chapter 380: Their Second Time (10)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

The more aggressive he was with her, the more forceful her fingers became. Tied up with pleasing her, He Jichen felt the pain radiating from his shoulders.

The pain made him fiercely crease his brows, but his fingers didn't stop. His lips stuck to her skin, he lifted his eyelids and looked up.

The top half of her body was filled with marks he left on her. She opened her mouth slightly and her breathing grew hurried and unsteady. With her eyes shut, her face flushed a faint red and her hands trembled on his shoulders...

Image after image of the two of them together flashed in He Jichen's mind, causing his brows to tightly furrow again.

He Jichen stayed crouched in front of her for a whole minute in a quiet daze until Ji Yi let out a low, dissatisfied grunt when she noticed he stopped. He Jichen's eyelids gently flickered up then his mind slowly thought back to the picture of them together and what it meant.

I-I actually lost control and al-almost... had her in the living room...

He could feel his own body cry out from dissatisfaction after hitting the brakes mid-way. Because of his intense desire, his abdomen started to ache.

He clearly knew that he really, really, really wanted to continue their unfinished business.

But he came back to his senses and realized that something wasn't right about what they were doing.

He was just her friend... What's more, he waited four agonizingly long years and put so much effort into becoming friends like before... What's more important was that he wasn't even the person she liked all along... It was his older brother, He Yuguang.

Even if his older brother wasn't in this world anymore, in Ji Yi's heart, she always saw He Jichen as the person who impersonated He Yuguang and stole her first love. Every night, he chatted with her using He Yuguang's identity, so even if they were friends, she always complained to He Yuguang, not him. His heart was like a mirror; he knew more than anyone because the person she depended on the most was his older brother.

If I really lose control like this and really do it with her, what will she do when she wakes up? What would happen to us?

Who's to say... deep down inside, behind her drunken demeanor, she might've mistaken me for my older brother like that night four years ago...

At that thought, there was a flash of darkness in the depths of He Jichen's eyes. Even if his body was burning, his heart was cold. He forced his hand to withdraw from her legs then bit by bit, he took control of himself and left her body.

He stayed crouched like that for some time before he slowly straightened up.

Through the grey mirror in front of them, he could see her almost completely naked body.

Another intense wave of desire surged from his throat to his stomach. He instinctively let out a dull grunt then quickly averted his eyes.

He couldn't stay here under these circumstances with her barely clothed. His sense of reasoning and control was only temporary. While he still had control, he had to swiftly leave because if he lost control like before, he would definitely do something crazy.