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Chapter 377: Their Second Time (7)

 Chapter 377: Their Second Time (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Just that single word made her lose it completely. With alcohol in her system, she took a step forward, tip-toed and locked her lips onto his.

Her actions came out of the blue. Completely unprepared, He Jichen was frozen on the spot with his mouth still open.

All the surrounding sounds instantly disappeared and He Jichen felt like his whole world became utterly quiet.

He remained numb and stood there silently for about three seconds. He finally noticed the softness on his lips, but before he could figure out what it was, his mind instantly turned blank.

He stared straight ahead at the lights, and he was completely still like a statue. His heartbeat, breathing, and pulse were all still.

All Ji Yi intended was to innocently bite He Jichen's lips, but when her lips touched his, an intense shock of electricity coursed through her entire body. It made her entire body shiver for a moment. As she opened her mouth to bite He Jichen's bottom lip, her will suddenly turned soft and she couldn't summon the strength.

She maintained her position, hovering in front of his lips. After silently lingering there for a moment, she gulped. The tip of her tongue pushed forward and it happened to touch his lips.

His lips were warm and soft to the touch. They also had the familiar, elegant scent of jasmine.

So, his lips not only looked good, but they tasted so amazing...

She wasn't sure if it was the influence of alcohol or if it was his scent by her side, but Ji Yi grew increasingly bewildered as she lost her senses and train of thought. She had no idea what she was doing at that moment; all she knew was that she still wanted to lick his lips. With that, her tongue probed his lips again.

The numbness from her lips and teeth spread to her heart as it created wave upon wave of violent contractions.

This kind feeling was exciting and foreign. It made her want even more, and she couldn't help but let the tip of her tongue trace his open lips and teeth then it entered his mouth.

The tip of her tongue touched his teeth and the numbing electrical shock intensified. She couldn't help but linger on his teeth...

She was much shorter than him and she didn't have high heels on, so she had to tip-toe just to reach his lips. She wanted to venture deeper into his mouth, but after trying for a long time, she couldn't go any deeper. She furrowed her brows. She couldn't help but raise her arms, wrap them around his neck and push his head down a little.

Her actions alarmed the completely stunned He Jichen. His brows furrowed then he averted his gaze from the lights to her body.

Before his gaze met hers, her tongue touched his.

He Jichen's tall and heavy build trembled for a moment and he suddenly stopped like his pressure points had been hit.

His blank mind started to churn with thoughts, little by little.

He wanted to tell her "Can you forgive me?" but she suddenly stepped forward, then...

He Jichen furrowed his brows slightly and realized what Ji Yi was doing.