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Chapter 369: A Thousand Bottles of Correction Fluid (9)

 Chapter 369: A Thousand Bottles of Correction Fluid (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

She stared at Chen Bai firmly for a moment then all of a sudden, she burst into laughter. She then got up and walked around He Jichen while sashaying over to Chen Bai. "He Jichen, you're finally here..."

Miss Ji is actually mistaking me for Mr. He?

Chen Bai instinctively glanced over at He Jichen when he heard those shocking words. After being practically torn apart by He Jichen's glare, Chen Bai's legs were so weak that he almost fell to the ground.

To stay alive, Chen Bai instinctively wanted to explain himself, but since he was in such a hurry, he started to stammer, "M-Miss. Ji, I-I..."

Chen Bai hadn't finished talking when Ji Yi's footsteps started to stagger from drinking so much. All of a sudden, she started walking lopsidedly.

Instinctively, Chen Bai hurriedly reached his hands out to support Ji Yi.

Ji Yi leaned against Chen Bai's body as he steadied her arm.

The atmosphere instantly dropped and the temperature plummeted to an icy chill.

Chen Bai's whole body quivered as he looked towards He Jichen.

He Jichen's eyes were just like knives, charging at Chen Bai, itching to pierce countless bloody holes into his body.

Chen Bai instinctively raised both his arms up in the air and took two quick steps back to put some distance between him and Ji Yi.

Since Chen Bai pulled away, the drunken Ji Yi fell to the ground from her unsteady footing.

I f Miss Ji gets hurt from the fall because of me, won't Mr. He skin me alive?

Chen Bai hastily reached his hands out, scared witless as he steadied Ji Yi again.

Chen Bai only cared about protecting Ji Yi, yet he realized too late that his actions were equivalent to embracing Ji Yi in his arms.

Chen Bai felt a faint pain the very second he caught Ji Yi.

Without even daring to glance at He Jichen, he made sure Ji Yi was steady before quickly withdrawing his arms.

But who knew that just as he removed his hands from Ji Yi, she would then cling to his body and start to sniff him like a dog?

Chen Bai was so frightened that he drew a breath of cold air. He wanted to push Ji Yi off him, but before he even touched Ji Yi's skin or raised his hands, he felt an obvious menacing aura coming from He Jichen. Chen Bai was so frightened that he swiftly withdrew his hands and took a step back.

Although Ji Yi was groggy, she could still feel "He Jichen" pulling away from her. The next second, she reached her hands out in a rage and clutched Chen Bai's collar, pulling him towards her.

Chen Bai instinctively started to beg and his voice quivered, "M-Miss. Ji, y-you don't..."

That's weird. He Jichen should have Xia Yuan's scent on his body. How come there's no trace of it on him... Ji Yi widened her eyes in bewilderment then twitched her cute nose, clinging to Chen Bai's sleeve. She tried hard to sniff him again.

Chen Bai's legs trembled more and more out of control. He wanted to escape from Ji Yi's grasp, but he didn't dare touch Ji Yi, who was still clutching his collar. All he could do was helplessly stand there.

As Ji Yi's nose started sniffing more areas of his body, Chen Bai clearly heard He Jichen's knuckles starting to crack "Guh-chi guh-chi." His heart instantly jumped as the sounds grew louder and louder until eventually, they sounded like claps of thunder.