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Chapter 367: A Thousand Bottles of Correction Fluid (7)

 Chapter 367: A Thousand Bottles of Correction Fluid (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

An intense smell of alcohol made He Jichen's brows furrow as his gaze turned to the table.

There were five to six empty wine glasses and a third left in a big bottle of whiskey... She couldn't have drunk them all by herself, right?

Chen Bai, who hadn't yet seen Ji Yi's condition, walked over. "Mr. He, Miss Ji's probably..."

Before he could finish his sentence with "...alright", he immediately turned silent from fear of He Jichen's shooting cold glare.

"I told you to stay here to watch her. How the hell have you been watching her? How could you let her drink so much?!"

Chen Bai trembled at He Jichen's roar and instinctively took a step back. Then he looked over at Ji Yi.

It was over. Her eyes were already far gone; she obviously drank a lot... Didn't she just have an upset stomach so she stayed in the restroom for longer than usual? How come everything changed after she came out...

The next second, Chen Bai immediately replied with his incredible quick-wit, "Mr. He, I'll go have someone whip up a drink to sober her up!"

After saying that, Chen Bai turned around, ready to head in the direction of the restaurant. However, he just took two steps before Ji Yi suddenly jumped up from the sofa. "Stop right there!"

By reflex, Chen Bai stopped walking, turned to look at Ji Yi, and said with a polished smile, "Miss Ji, what are your orders?"

He wasn't sure whether Ji Yi actually heard what he said or if she could even recognize him after drinking so much. Anyhow, she stared at him for some time as she said, a little tongue-tied, "Have you seen He Jichen?"

"Mr. He is right next to you!" swiftly answered Chen Bai.

"Oh," responded Ji Yi with a nod. Then she swept a look at He Jichen, who was standing right next to her, as she started to mumble to herself: "Why hasn't he come downstairs yet... What the hell is he doing upstairs for so long? He couldn't have been so tired that he fell asleep, right..."

Her voice was a little low, and since she'd been drinking, her words sounded slurred and unclear. He Jichen, who was standing next to her, couldn't catch what she said, let alone Chen Bai.

"Mhm, he most probably fell asleep from exhaustion!" Ji Yi nodded to herself and confirmed her own thoughts. With a tilted head and stunned expression, she added after a minute of silence, "Mmmmm. How could I forget? He told me that I should contact him after I come out of the restroom..."

As she said this, Ji Yi started looking for her phone.

She rummaged around the table for a long time before she found her phone. She must've been truly drunk because she tapped the phone for a long time but still couldn't manage to unlock it. Instead, she turned the screen dark. She handed He Jichen her phone. "Help me take a look. Is my phone broken..."

He Jichen stared at Ji Yi in a drunken mess, completely ignored what she said, and said, "I'll take you back upstairs to get some rest."

As he said this, he pulled on her arm.

He didn't use his full strength, so with furrowed brows, Ji Yi was able to swing her wrist free and waved over at Chen Bai. "This person is so stupid! They can't even tell if my phone is broken or not. Come here and help me take a look!"

Chen Bai almost lost it with Ji Yi's line "This person is so stupid". The corners of his lips twitched from holding in his laughter as he walked over to Ji Yi and helped her turn on her phone. "Miss Ji, your phone isn't broken. It was just turned off."