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Chapter 365: A Thousand Bottles of Correction Fluid (5)

 Chapter 365: A Thousand Bottles of Correction Fluid (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He knew full well how Xia Yuan felt about him.

Long ago, during their first year of university, Xia Yuan had spontaneously confessed her love for him. He already clearly explained that he could never be with her.

But Xia Yuan ignored his rejection; she stayed by his side and pestered him as she did before.

Later, he came to Beijing looking for Ji Yi. Not only did he not return to his prestigious school, but he rarely even went back to Sucheng. So, he rarely had the opportunity to see Xia Yuan. The opportunities were so few that he could count the number of times on just one hand.

However, Xia Yuan still managed to send him many messages every day. Sometimes he glanced at them, but sometimes he deleted them without so much as a glance.

He and Xia Yuan hadn't kept in contact for over a year now, but after Xia Yuan learned of his whereabouts, she quietly bolted over to Shanghai.

After Ji Yi left, he suggested that Xia Yuan return to Sucheng that night.

Xia Yuan wasn't willing and complained about being hungry. She even acted pitiful by saying that she didn't get to eat because she rushed over there.

He knew she was using little tricks to stall for time, but he didn't expose her. Instead, he ordered Chen Bai to get her some food. After she finished eating, he called Chen Bai over to order plane tickets to Sucheng for Xia Yuan.

Who knew that after she returned from the restroom, she would draw close to his ear and timidly tell him that she was on her period? She didn't have any sanitary towels and messed up her clothes.

All he could do was ask Chen Bai for the room key then he brought her upstairs.

Since Xia Yuan brought her suitcase, she probably intended to stay in Shanghai for a few days.

So He Jichen didn't need to prepare any clothes for her; he merely asked the attendant to buy a pack of sanitary towels.

Xia Yuan continued by saying she soiled her clothes, so she wasn't feeling comfortable and wanted to use his shower.

It wasn't a difficult request, so he let her go.

He wasn't sure if all women took such long showers, but she was actually in there for over half an hour before she stepped out. He shut his eyes to get some rest and leaned back on the sofa, bored of waiting.

After a few minutes, he sensed a faint, sweet scent coming from behind him. Before he could even open his eyes, a pair of slender fair arms wrapped around him from behind. Then he heard Xia Yuan's distinctive gentle voice in his ear: "Jichen..."

He was an adult. Even though he only had that one sexual encounter four years ago with Ji Yi, he knew very well what Xia Yuan meant by her actions.

Like a conditioned reflex, he practically pulled her arm away and got up. He turned around and saw that Xia Yuan was wearing a low-cut mini dress. That was when he instantly understood that she wasn't on her period - it was just a cover-up to be alone with him.

The only reasons he never flipped out on Xia Yuan before was because one, out of respect for her father and two, she never did anything over-the-top. However, things were different today. She was actually like all the other girls, playing games. Deep down, he suddenly felt an unspeakable sense of disgust. Without even thinking it through, he bluntly said, "Go change into a normal outfit. I'll help you call a car to take you to the airport."

There was nothing more embarrassing for a woman than being rejected after throwing themselves into a man's arms. Xia Yuan's eyes turned red and she sounded like was pleading a little when she said: "Jichen, don't y-you kick me out. I-I just like you too much..."