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Chapter 359: This is My Answer (9)

 Chapter 359: This is My Answer (9)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

--"Released all that pent up anger?"

--"That's enough."

In that instant, Ji Yi understood what He Jichen meant. It didn't matter if this incident affected his business - it wasn't important. What mattered to him was allowing her to release all her pent-up anger.

Ji Yi's heart suddenly started to waver and she felt like she had an infinite number of things to say to him. Most of all, she wanted to say "thank you" to He Jichen. She also wanted to tell him that she was delighted he did that for her and that she hoped he would continue to be considerate towards her in the future. However, those words were stuck in her throat, and all of a sudden, she was left speechless.

I should probably start by thanking him...

Ji Yi remained quiet for some time before she finally decided to tell He Jichen what was on her mind. But suddenly, she heard a crisp, fragile voice nearby: "Jichen."

In that instant, the words Ji Yi wanted to say stopped in her mouth. She hesitated for a second then slowly turned her head towards the source of the sound.

It was Chen Bai. He was escorting a young, beautiful girl to where she and He Jichen were sitting.

The woman's skin was very fair and she had prominent facial features. Although she was dressed in business attire with her hair up, it couldn't mask her feminine air. Not to mention her effect on guys, but with just one look, even Ji Yi's breath was taken away by her beauty.

"Mr. He, Miss Xia..." Chen Bai walked over and eventually came to a stop in front of He Jichen. Before Chen Bai could finish his introduction, the woman greeted He Jichen, ran over to him and said with a bright smile, "Jichen, are you surprised by my sudden appearance?!"

Ji Yi wasn't sure if He Jichen was pleasantly surprised by this "Miss Xia" who Chen Bai introduced, but he was silent for a few seconds. Then his lips moved: "Why are you here?"

The woman was in no rush to reply but instead, she rushed over to Chen Bai who was standing beside her and demanded, "Chen Bai, fetch me a glass of water first. I'm parched."

There was quite some space between Ji Yi and He Jichen on the sofa - enough space for a person to take a seat. After the woman withdrew her gaze from Chen Bai, she looked over at the empty space next to He Jichen and replied to He Jichen, "It's all your fault. You haven't come back to Sucheng for so long, so I wanted to see you. Seeing as your party was at Shanghai Starlight, I wanted to give you a pleasant surprise, so I secretly came over..." She brazenly sat down, forcing Ji Yi and He Jichen to separate.

She gestured with her arms as she spoke. When she said that, the smell of her perfume drifted endlessly into Ji Yi's nostrils.

"...Jichen, since tonight's the end-of-production party, you're free tomorrow, right? Why don't you come with me to Shanghai for two days..."

Her voice sounded so nice, but for some reason, after listening to her for some time, Ji Yi started to get a headache. Even her perfume felt like it was piercing her nose.

"...I want to go on a night cruise on the Huangpu River. I also want to go to Disneyland, and I want to go shopping..."

Chen Bai returned and interrupted the woman's words. "Miss Xia, your water."

"Thank you." The woman took it, turned her head and told He Jichen, "... Jichen, I still want to go to the Oriental Pearl Tower..."