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Chapter 357: This is My Answer (7)

 Chapter 357: This is My Answer (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Mhm," responded He Jichen softly as he played on his phone. After about two seconds, he looked up and shot Chen Bai a glance. He didn't wait for Chen Bai to speak as he opened his mouth. "Is Sun Zhounan staying at the Tianhua Hotel?"

"Yes," replied Chen Bai.

He Jichen calmly said, "Send someone to invite him back."

Chen Bai looked as though he'd just heard the most unbelievable thing. His eyes shot wide open from being overly shocked. He stuttered as he spoke, "In-invite him... back?"

As Ji Yi stared at He Jichen sitting beside her, she wore the same astonished look on her face as Chen Bai.

In contrast to their reactions, He Jichen looked as calm as a sheet of white paper. He lazily mumbled the word "Mhm."

"It's just that... Mr. He, you asked me to privately ask Mr. Sun to leave, yet now you want me to send someone to invite him back. This..." Before Chen Bai could finish protesting, He Jichen looked impatient as he glanced over at Chen Bai from the corners of his eyes. Chen Bai was so afraid that his lips trembled and his endless chatter changed direction. "Yes, I'll go invite Mr. Sun. Please wait, Mr. He."

After he said this, Chen Bai turned around, swiftly carrying out He Jichen's orders.


Tianhua Hotel was just about a thousand meters away from Starlight. In ten minutes time, Sun Zhounan followed behind Chen Bai, appearing before He Jichen and Ji Yi's eyes.

Chen Bai stopped walking and said in a low voice, "Mr. He, Mr. Sun has arrived."

He Jichen raised his head and silently swept a look at Sun Zhounan standing behind Chen Bai.

As their eyes met, Sun Zhounan unexpectedly spoke up: "Mr. He, I thought you were a smart person. You won't really pick a fight over a woman."

"After all, women are women, and business is business. Nobody would give up on a big business deal over a mere woman!"

As he said this, Sun Zhounan looked over at Ji Yi with disgust in his oddly clear eyes.

Ji Yi looked away with an evidently colder look in her eyes.

Sun Zhounan didn't care in the slightest for Ji Yi's reaction. He shifted over to He Jichen on the sofa as he said, "Honestly speaking, when you kicked me out, I was really angry. Was there any need for you to do this on behalf of a third-rate minor celebrity?"

Third-rate minor celebrity... He Jichen pinched his phone a little harder as the air around him instantly turned a lot colder.

Sun Zhounan completely disregarded Ji Yi and continued to say, "Who knows how many people know about this and how many people are laughing at you behind your back. But luckily, you sent someone to escort me back so we can get over this and become good friends in the..."

After Sun Zhounan was saying this, he walked over to sit on the sofa. Just before he sat down and his mouth could say the word "future," He Jichen broke his silence as he suddenly blurted out, "Did I offer you a seat?"

Sun Zhounan's words suddenly came to a stop. He stayed crouched, and after ten whole seconds, he turned to look at He Jichen.

He Jichen knew Sun Zhounan was looking right at him. Without even looking at him, He Jichen continued to tell him bluntly, "I invited you back for no special reason. I just realized I didn't ask you to leave publically enough, so I just wanted to ask you to leave again!"