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Chapter 355: This is My Answer (5)

 Chapter 355: This is My Answer (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"Oh it really is true..."

The speech at the end of production party was over, so the two people sitting in front of Ji Yi left, one after the other.

Having overheard everything they said, Ji Yi remained in her seat for some time before getting up. As she passed the empty seat, she leaned forward a little to look at the name behind the chair: Sun Zhounan.

What they said was true - it's Mr. Sun's seat...

Ji Yi averted her gaze and scanned the entire hall. She searched several times over but she couldn't see any sign of Sun Zhounan.

So what I just heard was all true?

He Jichen asked me if I disliked Mr. He, but before I could answer, he made his own call to kick Mr. Sun out of the party?

Someone from the production team came to make casual conversation with Ji Yi. She came to her senses and took a glass of wine from a nearby attendant.

Though she was busily chatting away, her eyes glanced over at He Jichen every now and then.

After the people around him finally dispersed, he seemed tired of entertaining people, so he found a seat by the window.

Ji Yi politely excused herself from the conversation with the people around her: "Apologies, please excuse me." Then she walked over to He Jichen.

The sound of her footsteps was very quiet, but he was still able to sense someone walking over to his side. His hands fell from his face and he turned to look at her.

Seeing that it was her, he didn't say anything. He pointed over at the empty seat beside him then he raised his hands again and massaged his temples.

Ji Yi knew he meant for her to take a seat. She bent over and put the glass down on the coffee table first. Then she smoothed out her dress and sat down.

After two seconds of silence, Ji Yi asked, "Did you kick out Mr. Sun?"

He Jichen casually let out an "Mhm" then continued to massage his temples.

She realized what happened long ago, but his neutral "Mhm" made her thoughts fluctuate for a moment.

Ji Yi took a sip of her wine, composed herself, and asked, "You didn't even want to clear things up with me first?"

She wasn't sure how tired He Jichen was, but he didn't listen carefully to what she said nor did he reply to her for some time. All of sudden, he stopped massaging for a moment and replied with some degree of suspicion: "Mhm?"

"I said, you didn't even want to clear things up with me first? What if I was the one in the wrong?" asked Ji Yi, providing some clarification.

"Oh, you're asking about that..." He Jichen looked down at his hands then turned his head and looked into Ji Yi's eyes. "... Then answer me this first, do you not like him?"

He Jichen already kicked him out, so he didn't need to hide anything. Ji Yi gave a gentle nod. "Yes."

"That's all I needed to know," said He Jichen.

Ji Yi was stunned, unable to keep up with He Jichen.

He Jichen shifted into a more comfortable position as he picked up his wine glass on the coffee table. He took a gulp. Seeing as Ji Yi didn't respond, he remained completely laid back as he spoke again in his usual leisurely tone of voice: "Didn't you ask me to not ask why? Your reply was all I needed to know."

--"Do you not like him?"


--"That's all I needed to know."

This went to say: Ji Yi didn't like Mr. Sun, so why should he allow Mr. Sun to stay? As for why she didn't like him, he simply didn't care.