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Chapter 353: This is My Answer (3)

 Chapter 353: This is My Answer (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi knew she should raise her glass to Mr. Sun, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't lift her arm.

There were capitalists all around them; each incomparably insightful. Ji Yi hesitated for just a moment, but someone sensed that something was wrong and noted the suspicion in both her and Mr. Sun's eyes.

Mr. Sun handed the glass in his hand to Ji Yi again and pretended to be just as dazed as Ji Yi while silently plotting to win some face back. "Ji Yi?"

Hearing this, Ji Yi raised her eyes and glanced at the smile on Mr. Sun's lips.

It was the same fake smile he used back then. Her expression changed slightly as her fingers reached for the glass. It felt like a giant boulder was weighing down her arms, making it even more difficult for her tensed-up body to clink his glass.

The atmosphere around them became awkward from Ji Yi's silence.

Mr. Sun looked evidently agitated, but he didn't act out because He Jichen was standing next to him, so instead, he let out a soft cough.

Ji Yi knew people around them were looking at her, and she knew that He Jichen had called her over to introduce her to some important people in the industry. For her to react so late would not only create a poor impression of her, but she would also be making it difficult for He Jichen.

Deep down inside, Ji Yi tried hard to convince herself to reach her arm out to clink Mr. Sun's glass in front of all these strangers.

As she was overly unwilling, her fingertips clutched onto her wine glass tightly until they were a little white.

But before her fingers reached an inch away from Mr. Sun's glass, a long, slender finger pulled away her hand. Then she heard the usual mild-mannered voice of He Jichen in her ears. "Apologies, she can't really take her alcohol. She drank some earlier and now, her stomach probably feels uncomfortable."

After he said this, He Jichen didn't wait for everyone around him to react and cried, "Chen Bai."

"Mr. He." A second later, Chen Bai practically appeared by He Jichen's side.

"Please escort Miss Ji to the lounge to rest for a moment," ordered He Jichen flatly.

"Yes." Chen Bai walked over to Ji Yi's side and before he could quietly say: Miss Ji, please follow me, He Jichen added, "Find Miss Cheng to give her some medicine for stomach pain."

"Yes, Mr. He." Chen Bai politely nodded at the people around them then escorted Ji Yi out.

As soon as they entered the lounge, Chen Bai hinted for Ji Yi to take a seat then he immediately went to find Cheng Weiwan for the medicine that He Jichen instructed.

The room was silent. Since Ji Yi was now alone, the forced smile on her lips immediately vanished right off her face. She stared at the dark night's sky outside the window and reflected on what happened between her and Mr. He. Her fingers couldn't help but clutch onto her handbag as she started to purse her lips.

Not long after, the doors to the lounge opened again.

Ji Yi thought Chen Bai had returned, so she quickly adjusted the expression on her face and turned her head to look at him.

It was He Jichen.

Ji Yi was stunned for a moment as she thought back to how she forgot her manners earlier. In deep embarrassment, she couldn't help but lower her head.

She was just about to apologize to him when he walked in front of her and spoke first, "Unhappy?"

Ji Yi never imagined that He Jichen would ask her this. She looked up and glanced at him then gently shook her head.