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Chapter 352: This is My Answer (2)

 Chapter 352: This is My Answer (2)

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Ji Yi didn't think too much of it and charged right at him in her high heels. However, just as she was about to reach him, she saw someone she didn't want to see.

Her footsteps suddenly came to a stop, and her fingers instinctively clutched the wine glass tightly in her hands.

A second ago, He Jichen called Ji Yi over. Then a second later, his words made Mr. Li, who was standing next to him, look away.

He raised his glass with one hand and turned his head to listen earnestly to what Mr. Li was saying. Every now and then, he would let out a soft "Mhm" in respect.

About a minute later, he sensed Ji Yi standing about twenty meters away. She hadn't come to his side yet, so he slowly turned his head and looked over at her.

She had stopped about seven to eight meters away, looking frozen, and her eyes were transfixed to his right.

What's... with her?

He Jichen furrowed his brows as he was about to apologize to Mr. Li, who was chatting away and walk over to Ji Yi. In the end, before he could take action, Ji Yi sensed someone was staring at her, so she turned to look at his face. When she met his eyes, she was completely stunned for a few seconds before she came to her senses and rushed over to him.

But she didn't walk with the same calm as she did when he first called her over. Instead, her footsteps seemed obviously hesitant and slower.

She clearly has something on her mind...

Even though He Jichen was still chatting with Mr. Li, his thoughts wandered every now and then to Ji Yi.

When she reached him, He Jichen politely stopped talking to Mr. Li and started to introduce each and every person surrounding them to Ji Yi.

To be able to stand beside He Jichen, the people he patiently had to entertain were no ordinary people at all. On a normal day, they would have others surrounding them, but after He Jichen finished introducing Ji Yi to those people, they became evidently more natural and friendly as they greeted her.

Ji Yi knew they only bothered with her just to give He Jichen some face. She maintained her most fitting smile, clinked glasses and shared a few casual words with every person.

However, when it came to introducing the final person on He Jichen's right-hand side, Mr. Sun, Ji Yi wasn't as polite as she was previously. Instead, she lowered her eyelids.

She waited until He Jichen finished introducing Mr. Sun before she lifted her eyelids seconds later to see a smirking Mr. Sun.

In her lifetime, Ji Yi had smiled involuntarily countless of times, but this time, it was most insufferable for her.

"Hello." Ji Yi spent a lot of energy to force herself to say it. She merely gave him a greeting; she didn't share any polite small talk like she'd done with the others.

"Hello there, Ji Yi. Long time no see." Mr. Sun spoke in a tone of voice that sounded much friendlier than Ji Yi.

Someone next to them couldn't help but say, "Mr. Sun, so you know Miss Ji."

"I don't just know her, we were very close back in the day..." replied Mr. Sun with a smile as he stared at Ji Yi. "...Isn't that right, Ji Yi?"

Ji Yi knew just how stiff her smile was. She didn't actually want to respond to Mr. Sun, but she was afraid to embarrass He Jichen, so all she could do was endure the annoyance in her heart and force out the word "Yes."

"It's such a small world. We have to have a good drink to that!" As Mr. Sun said this, he handed Ji Yi a glass of wine.

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