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Chapter 347: Ji Yi, Will You Trust Me? (7)

 Chapter 347: Ji Yi, Will You Trust Me? (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

He was afraid she'd reject him. His motive for offering her the contract was entirely selfish - he wanted her somewhere he could see her and in a world where he could protect her.

Even if there came a day when she lost all relation to He Yuguang or him, they still wouldn't become how they were four years ago; they wouldn't just simply part ways with no ties remaining at all.

Does she know? I can't find the right words, but at this very moment, I'm going out of my way to find the right words to convince her.

At that thought, He Jichen pursed the corner of his lips slightly and spoke before Ji Yi could compose herself: "To date, YC hasn't signed any artists. If you sign with us, the entire company will work hard to promote our sole artist."

"You've seen it too - YC and Huan Ying have established a collaboration. As soon as production for the new series starts, we'll definitely hire actors from Huan Ying. You should understand that any actor from Huan Ying is either an A-lister or close to being an A-lister."

After a pause, He Jichen then added, "Here, I'll give you one last promise..."

A dignified look engulfed He Jichen's beautifully refined face like he was making some kind of deep promise. Then his voice sounded unusually serious and especially sentimental as he said earnestly:

"...I won't swarm to you when you're famous, and I won't turn and leave you at your lowest point."

I won't swarm to you when you're famous, and I won't turn and leave you at your lowest point... In this world, Ji Yi was afraid that he was the only one who'd go against the current for her.

Ji Yi's eyes started to sting. Having experienced so much apprehensiveness, she'd become a lot stronger, but at this very moment, she was really afraid that she would suddenly cry. She hurriedly turned her head and averted her gaze from He Jichen.

Meanwhile, He Jichen asked Ji Yi for the third time, "Will you trust me?"

He didn't stop there. There was a rare tenderness to his gaze as he said, "If you're willing... come, join YC."

"Come to my side... I will stay with you and take on this complicated world with you. I'll use all my power to give you the most basic joy."

Ji Yi's eyes became a little moist, so she instinctively lowered her head.

He Jichen was aware of his own impatience, but he didn't want to rush her. He waited for a moment then said, "Of course, I don't expect you to give me an answer straight away. I'll give you..."

He Jichen paused for a moment.

He hadn't figured out how much time to give her when the woman in front of him with her head lowered suddenly turned around, facing the desk.

Then she flipped everything on the desk, ransacking the place before she finally grabbed his pen. She flipped right to the final page of the contract and swiftly wrote down two words: Ji Yi.

The thoughts running through He Jichen's mind came to a stop.

There were two contracts.

After she signed the first, she threw it aside and flipped through the second.

After he heard the sounds of rustling paper, he saw her raise the pen again and signed the graceful two words: Ji Yi.

She finally put down the pen without even glancing at He Jichen. She put her head down and left with the dull words, "I'm still a little sleepy, so I'm going to go back to sleep now."

She didn't wait for He Jichen to react. She turned around and headed right for the bedroom, slamming it shut.

She locked the door and leaned against the wooden door. That was when she finally blinked, releasing a single stream of tears.

Will you trust me to fight side-by-side with you?

Will you trust me to take each step with you from the lowest point of the entertainment industry towards infinite, brightest heights?

Will you trust me to help you get back what was taken from you, bit by bit?