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Chapter 338: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (8)

 Chapter 338: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (8)

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She was afraid he could tell she was nervous, so to mask her strange behavior, she pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary when he walked up to her. She asked a question to divert his attention: "Did she and you get into some kind of misunderstanding?"

Otherwise, how's it possible that we were close for so long, yet I never saw him being affectionate with any girls before?

"It wasn't a misunderstanding. I upset her," explained He Jichen.

Upset her? Then why didn't you go ask her for forgiveness?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows slightly and asked the question she was wondering deep inside: "Then why didn't you go suck up to her? Girls love that. As long as you suck up to her a little, she'll forgive you for sure. Isn't there a saying on Weibo? When you fight, give her lipstick. If one lipstick can't clear things up, give her two, and if two don't do the trick, then send her a whole set of them!"

Ji Yi's serious tone of voice almost wiped the smile from He Jichen's face. After that, a pang of loneliness came over him.

If sucking up to her a little could bring her back to him, he would be willing to do that a thousand times over.

It was just a shame that in the past, he didn't know how to love. He was overly confused, and he took things too far, far too many times.

This was something he didn't dare to talk about any further. He was afraid she'd read between the lines and realize she was Cola girl.

He Jichen stared at the ripples of light reflecting off the lake's surface. After remaining silent for some time, he chose a cautious reply: "I used to look for her forgiveness, but after a while, I didn't want it anymore."

"Why?" cried Ji Yi.

After a pause, she added, "Could it be that you wanted to... give up on..."

Before Ji Yi could finish saying "her," He Jichen spoke again, "It doesn't exist."

With his straight-forwardness and decisiveness, Ji Yi paused. Then before she could make a sound, he spoke again without hesitation, "I could never give up on her!"

"I was just afraid to become a nuisance to her. I didn't want my deep devotion to become a disturbance to her."

He Jichen probably realized that his tone of voice was overly agitated, so he calmed down slightly and continued, "But it doesn't actually matter if she forgives me or not, because I can't leave her be anyway. Instead of the two of us being in pain, I'd rather bear it alone..."

As he said this, He Jichen thought back to that night when he learned that she almost lost her life because of his baby. His eyes became unfocused as he pursed his lips slightly and opened his mouth again. "But it took me a long time to learn this principle. If I understood this long ago, then perhaps I..."

An unspeakable pain was lodged in He Jichen's throat, and he couldn't bring himself to say, "...wouldn't have parted ways and become strangers for so many years."

He was silent for a long time. Just when Ji Yi thought he wasn't going to say anything more, he spoke again. "...But it doesn't matter anymore. She's the only good thing in my life, yet she's also my worst memory."

She's the only good thing in my life, yet she's also my worst memory.

To love on such a level must mean he's deeply in love.

It felt like Ji Yi's heart was pierced by something so hard that an indescribable pain came over her.

She wanted to offer some words of comfort, but in that very moment, she couldn't speak a single word.

Her silence made He Jichen realize how awkward the atmosphere was. He slowly composed himself and pretended to look calm as he changed the topic of conversation. "It's getting late. Let's head back to the hotel."