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Chapter 333: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (3)

 Chapter 333: Have You Ever Regretted Anything? (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi furrowed her eyebrows slightly and took two steps forward. She was planning to say "hello" to them both.

Just as that thought settled in her mind, before she lifted her feet, she heard the sadness in He Jichen's voice as he said: "Have you ever regretted anything?"

Ji Yi's heart suddenly tightened up and her feet came to a sudden stop.

He Jichen's clear yet absent-minded voice immediately drifted over, "I'm talking about the kind of regret you feel when you can't forgive yourself no matter how you think about it."

He Jichen called Fatty out just to have a heart-to-heart?

But why's he asking Fatty this? Could there be something he regrets?

After He Jichen finished speaking, Fatty didn't respond.

A long period of silence ensued. Ji Yi couldn't see past the turn in the corridor or what kind of scene unfolded, so she couldn't help but wonder if the two of them had left already.

Ji Yi hesitated for some time. As she got ready to peer over to sneak a look at them, He Jichen finally spoke again. "I have."

His abrupt voice made Ji Yi instinctively shrink back. Then she heard He Jichen's voice again: "It was four years ago today."

Four years ago today, I was drunk and mistook him for He Yuguang then the two of us had sex... The regretful thing he did couldn't be...

Ji Yi was afraid she was overthinking things. When her thoughts came to this point, her rationality helped her force down these thoughts, preventing her from going any further.

Fatty must've been listening earnestly as he didn't say anything from start to end.

After about a minute passed, He Jichen's neutral voice was heard again: "To this day, I remember how I did the most regrettable thing in my life at twenty-four minutes past ten that evening."

Twenty-four minutes past ten... At the time, we were together in the hotel room. That exact time was when we were sleeping together...

So, my guess was right.

Ji Yi's fingertips trembled as she instinctively tightened them into fists.

"Had I known all the things that would happen after, had I known just how guilty and ashamed I would feel now..." He Jichen paused for a while as though it was hard for him to go on, then he continued to say, "...then I wouldn't have done what I did that night."

Fatty broke his own silence and finally said, "Chen Ge..."

He probably wanted to comfort He Jichen, but after calling his name, Fatty didn't know what to say next so he stopped there.

It seemed like He Jichen hadn't heard Fatty's voice as he was still deep in his own thoughts. With the same soft voice, he continued, "If you experienced just how beautiful those years at Sucheng Yizhong were... You don't know just how much I miss them. Recently, I've practically been dreaming about her every night..."

Considering what He Jichen said, Ji Yi suddenly thought back to He Jichen's recent apology and what he said that night on her birthday about going back to how things were.

He said so many horrid things, humiliated her, embarrassed her, and even almost made her lose her life on the operating table after that night four years ago...

It was virtually impossible not to hate him.

So in the face of his apology, she remained quiet. She looked as though she didn't know how to react, but she knew very well how she felt. Deep down inside, she simply couldn't believe him.