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Chapter 324: Who is Cola Girl? (4)

 Chapter 324: Who is Cola Girl? (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

After he said this, Chen Bai pushed the car door open and got out. He first opened the front passenger door then pulled the rear passenger door open.

Fatty got out but He Jichen sat in the car for a while, staring at the laptop.

If he didn't get out, Ji Yi couldn't either, so all she could do was turn to look at He Jichen.

He Jichen acted as though he didn't sense her gaze as he stared right at his laptop screen.

Fatty waited impatiently and started to rush him. He Jichen still didn't react and ignored all the puzzled eyes from the three people surrounding him. He waited until he adjusted to Ji Yi's unwavering stare before he coldly shut the laptop. He handed the laptop to Chen Bai, who was standing by the car door, and elegantly stepped out of the car.


Chen Bai booked a private room in advance facing a view of the West Lake.

It was just as how things were when they were young -when Fatty ate, he had to drink a little. He was talkative to begin with, but after two drinks, he became even more talkative.

After eating for twenty minutes, Chen Bai was full and had other business to attend to, so he left early.

Fatty drank quite a bit before he got the urge to smoke. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, but before he could put a cigarette to his mouth, He Jichen cried, "Fatty."

He said just one word, nothing else, but Fatty knew to quickly put down his cigarette. "Look at this memory of mine. In front of Sao..."

Fatty only let out the word "Sao" before he caught sight of He Jichen's gaze. He quickly pretended to look as though he was choking and coughed for a moment and corrected himself with, "...Ji Yi, Chen Ge has a rule: absolutely no smoking."

As he said that, Fatty turned to look at Ji Yi. "Ji Yi, when we were in school, did you know what we were most scared of?"

Ji Yi shook her head. "What?"

"We were most scared of you hanging around us!" Fatty slowly sipped the wine from his wine glass. "Our gang wasn't allowed to smoke because you didn't like the smell of cigarettes. Chen Ge didn't force us to quit smoking, but he didn't allow us to smoke in front of you. This wasn't the most messed up thing... Did you know what was Chen Ge's most over-the-top request? In front of you, we were asked not to smell of cigarettes, which meant that when my urge to smoke came, I couldn't hide from you for a smoke..."

When they were young, Ji Yi knew that He Jichen didn't allow Fatty and the gang to smoke in front of her. However, she didn't know that his demands were that strict. After she heard Fatty's words, her gaze instinctively drifted over to He Jichen. Perhaps it was because Fatty brought up the past that the expression on his face looked far away like he was reminiscing about the past too.

Fatty didn't notice that Ji Yi was following He Jichen's gaze. He shook his head and continued to repeat the words "messed up" and took another gulp of wine. "...Ji Yi, do you know what we used to secretly call Chen Ge?"

"What?" asked Ji Yi in curiosity as she averted her gaze from He Jichen to Fatty.

"We called Chen Ge the 'Tyrant'! The kind of dictating tyrant!" After a pause, Fatty looked like he thought about something hilarious as he chuckled softly. Then he asked Ji Yi, "And do you know what we used to secretly call you?"

Perhaps it was because she had too much to drink, but Ji Yi didn't think too much of it and blurted her guess. "The pampered consort?"

Sitting next to Ji Yi, He Jichen's fingers trembled when he heard the words "The pampered consort."

Tyrant and the pampered consort were a match made in heaven. She...

He Jichen turned his head and stared at Ji Yi. He could tell it was unintentional, but he couldn't help but show a tinge of satisfaction in his brows.