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Chapter 318: "Within Your Radius" (8)

 Chapter 318: "Within Your Radius" (8)

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He Jichen read Ji Yi's two consecutive messages and the usual cold expression in his eyes softened a little.

He replied with a "Goodnight." When he knew she wouldn't be replying to his messages anymore, he didn't put his phone away but started to reread the messages she sent him from start to end one more time.

Every time he read the three words "He Jichen," his heart softened a little. Eventually, the air he gave off seemingly became more easy-going and approachable.

He never knew that his name could actually look this good typed by Ji Yi's own fingers.

She said it was a coincidence how he and He Yuguang gave her a gift from the same company. She also said it was no wonder that they were twins.

In actuality, the coincidence wasn't really because they were twins.

It was because he was the one who gave her He Yuguang's present, and he was the one who gave her his present also.

He only chose to give her jewelry from that brand because you had to register to purchase their products. You even had to register to gift them to someone, so if you bought their products, you could only gift their products to one person. If you wanted to send a gift to someone with a different name, this shop would reject your business.

He knew about this marketing strategy, but for a person in love like him, this was romantic and heartfelt.

What was most important was that the company only sold unique products - each item was one-of-a-kind.

Their advertising slogan was particularly beautiful: To only gift to one person is to commit to one person for life.

As for what she said about why he engraved the word "Ji" and not "Yi" - it was only because his name had her surname in it.

"Ji"... is the bond we shared before we even met.

He Jichen quietly thought about it as his eyes stopped on the three words "He Jichen" in Ji Yi's messages.

That night, even though he asked her: Can we go back to how we were before?

She never gave him a reply, but in the silence, she had a change of heart, didn't she?

She was willing to blurt out his name now and she didn't say it with disgust, nor did she say it while gritting her teeth.

As long as he worked hard and as long as he had patience, one of these days, he would move her, she would be convinced by him, and they'd go back to how they were before. Perhaps... she'd even fall for him, right?

The corners of He Jichen's lips couldn't help but curve into a smile.

He put his locked phone into his pocket, picked up the red wine, and took a sip. Then he listened in on Chen Bai and Han Zhifan's conversation; they were actually still talking about Ji Yi.

"Mr. Han, for my age, do you think it's easy to scrape a meager living and support my family?"

"A weakling like me actually has to do the work of four people. Mr. He is practically flat out squeezing all the energy out of me!"

"I think that not only am I Mr. He's assistant, but I'm soon going to be Miss Ji's nanny..."

As Chen Bai said this, he raised his wine glass and took a big gulp. He was just about to continue complaining to Han Zhifan when He Jichen, who hadn't joined their conversation, spoke softly. However, it wasn't directed to Chen Bai but to Han Zhifan, "Zhifan, what do nannies do?"

"Wash the clothes, make food, and clean the toilet..." Han Zhifan randomly found three answers.

He Jichen gave a nod then he looked like he suddenly realized something. The next second, his eyes fell on Chen Bai. "Nanny Chen, from tomorrow onwards, you are responsible for Miss Ji's three meals and taking Miss Ji's clothes to the wash. You won't have to go as far as to scrub Miss Ji's toilets, but you have to pay attention to Miss Ji's chair on set."