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Chapter 317: "Within Your Radius" (7)

 Chapter 317: "Within Your Radius" (7)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

As she typed that line, Ji Yi's heart became a little flustered. She shook her head to try to push those feelings He Jichen made her feel to the back of her head, and she hurriedly changed the topic: "Yuguang Ge, I only learned today that He Jichen actually is a great singer."

After she sent that line, Ji Yi stared at the screen before her as it disturbingly turned into the image of He Jichen's gaze upon her after he finished singing his song. Having worked so hard to calm her heart, it became uncontrollably erratic again. She frantically shook her head again and continued to change the subject and distract herself: "Yuguang Ge, the photo of the necklace that I just sent you was He Jichen's birthday gift..."

Ji Yi typed and typed when she suddenly spotted the brand of the necklace. Then she continued to type on the keyboard in wonder: "...what a coincidence! The necklace He Jichen gave me is from the same brand as the new year's gift you gave me. It's no surprise you guys are biological twins. Your tastes are even the same."

After she successfully sent the message, Ji Yi thought about the "Ji" engraving behind the necklace and "He Yuguang"'s message earlier. Then she combined the doubts in her heart and sent out: "However, Yuguang Ge... It's weird. Why did He Jichen give me a necklace with the word "Ji" engraved on the back? Shouldn't there also be a 'Yi'?"


Chen Bai was still complaining non-stop beside him.

He Jichen looked down and stared at Ji Yi's string of messages as his brows softened.

She actually complimented me on my singing... this is something pretty rare, right?

Also, she actually took a serious look at the necklace because she even noticed that the back was engraved with "Ji"... Unlike before, she's not throwing something that belonged to me far f ar away .

He Jichen repeatedly reread Ji Yi's stories twice over. He realized the four lines she wrote all had the three words "He Jichen." His heart suddenly started to race, and before he had time to carefully think about it, his fingers were already dancing away on the screen: "Manman, you seem like you don't hate Jichen as much as before?"


Ji Yi was so stunned because she never imagined that "He Yuguang" would reply like that. She sent him a question mark in confusion.

"He Yuguang" quickly replied back: "I've mentioned Jichen to you before, but you always avoided the topic. Yet today, you mentioned him a few times."

Did I?

Ji Yi furrowed her brows and reread the messages she and "He Yuguang" exchanged that night. That was when she realized that she really did unknowingly type He Jichen's name a few times.

That's so weird! What's with me? If it's not He Jichen's eyes making it hard for me to breathe, then it's me mentioning He Jichen to other people...Did I recently become poisoned...

At that thought, Ji Yi refused to admit it and replied, "Did I? Nah? It's just five or six times. How is that considered a lot... Yuguang Ge, do you know how to use the right words?"

After she sent that message, Ji Yi realized she'd only sent "He Yuguang" seven to eight words that night, but He Jichen was mentioned about seventy to eighty percent of the time...

Ji Yi felt a faint pain on her face. She didn't wait for He Yuguang to reply before immediately typing: "Yuguang Ge, I'm really tired, so I'm heading off to bed first. Goodnight." After she sent the message, she tried to sleep.