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Chapter 316: "Within Your Radius" (6)

 Chapter 316: "Within Your Radius" (6)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi replied to the message she just received. "He Yuguang" must've had his phone in hand because he quickly replied back to her: "Celebrated your birthday yet?"

"Yeah," Ji Yi casually replied to him with just one word then continued to type on the keyboard and gave a "He Yuguang" a detailed answer: "He Jichen planned my birthday celebrations."

She was always talkative with "He Yuguang," so this time was no exception. She described her birthday party in great detail for "He Yuguang." "I didn't even know about it. He went all out for my birthday. Snow White, Cinderella, and all those characters even showed up. It was something only little girls like. I'm so old now... but it was still really beautiful. I really liked it."


"Mr. Han, believe it! From the last time you came on set and Miss Ji was hurt, Mr. He has become a completely different person. He's making me closely follow Miss Ji at all times and he told me to relay the message that the entire cast and crew have to treat Miss Ji well..." With an anguished expression on his face, Chen Bai raised his glass to Han Zhifan.

"Has it become that ridiculous?" Han Zhifan raised his eyebrows.

Seeing just how happy Han Zhifan was, Chen Bai immediately continued to share his misery in an anguished voice. "This isn't the extent of it, alright? There's more. Mr. He was afraid that if I instructed them, the production team wouldn't listen, so he created some kind of reward. It sounds so conceited, doesn't it? There's more! To get this so-called reward, you have to do good deeds for Miss Ji. You can get reward money not just for a good deed, but even for a smile."

"Mr. Han, don't you think Mr. He has far too much money to waste? Today's only day one. Did you know that a single smile at Miss Ji will earn you a five-figure amount... If that's not enough, when Miss Ji was napping in the afternoon, Mr. He actually didn't let us film. Everyone had to wait for her to wake up, and he even made me stand watch for anyone who made a sound in the lounge area... What's even weirder is that Mr. He actually told me that my assignment to take care of Miss Ji will be included in my end-of-year appraisal. If I perform poorly, he'll take it out of my annual bonus!"

He Jichen sat relaxed on the sofa without even caring about Chen Bai's complaints. After he felt the vibration of his phone in his hand, he immediately unlocked the phone and looked over at the message Ji Yi sent to He Yuguang.

Snow White, Cinderella, and all those characters even showed up... Could she have forgotten why they were there?

He Jichen hesitated for two seconds then started typing on his phone: "Snow White and Cinderella showed up because on your birthday in your second year of high school, you wished they'd show up on your birthday. That's probably why Jichen arranged that for you."


Ji Yi was about to continue describing her birthday party when she was stunned. On the other side of the phone, Ji Yi suddenly stopped after reading what "He Yuguang" sent her.

She stared at her phone screen for a long time, deep in thought, before she finally had a vague memory of what happened in school.

On her birthday that year, she watched "Snow White." Maybe I really did make a wish like that!

It's been so many years; I never imagined that He Jichen would actually remember...

A sudden "ding dong!" came from her palm, snapping Ji Yi out of her daze. She lowered her head and glanced at the screen. It was "He Yuguang" - she hadn't replied for a long time, so he sent her a question mark.

"Oh, I remember now! I can't believe that after so many years, he remembered!" replied Ji Yi, hastily.