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Chapter 313: "Within Your Radius" (3)

 Chapter 313: "Within Your Radius" (3)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

"I would rather stay within your radius, should my heart not return to me, then it is yours."

"You can choose to love me or not, I am still yours no matter what."

As he said this, He Jichen's eyes suddenly looked up and slowly fell on Ji Yi.

She happened to be looking at him. When their eyes met, he didn't stop singing: "Because I love you, that has nothing to do with you."

He was too stubborn, too proud, and he regretted it a long time ago, but he didn't dare admit it. He dragged it on and on. He kept it up even when Qian Ge hit Ji Yi when she was down. He kept it up when she was laying in bed in a coma for three years. He kept it up even after he transferred to B-Film and wasn't willing to yield to her.

He just had to wait until he saw her hurt herself in retaliation to Qian Ge. He had to wait until he learned that she almost lost her life because of him before he started feeling remorse.

He was the one who matured too slowly. He learned this too late, and learned to love too late...

... In the process of "like" turning into "love" for him, he made her suffer immense pain and misery.

He wanted to say these words to her so badly. However, when he came to this realization, they were already far too away from each other and she had already stopped believing his words.

He didn't like singing, nor did he ever sing. But this song was just an idea that came to his mind.

He only wanted to say the words he had on his mind earlier on the balcony, so he turned them into a song for her to hear.

"My love spreads within your radius."

When the music stopped, the only thing that could be heard was the gentle sound of He Jichen's voice into the microphone.

"It's so close, I can hear you breathing."

His eyes were still staring firmly at Ji Yi with infinitely deep emotions. As he sang, those emotions slowly overflowed from within his body.

"As long as you turn around, I am right here."

Ji Yi... until this very moment, I only just learned that my love for you is complete. Whether you love me or not isn't important.

The singing stopped, and the gentle music started to play again.

He Jichen didn't put the microphone down from his lips, but he kept the same position as before and kept his gaze locked on Ji Yi.

Even though they were some distance away, Ji Yi could clearly feel the heat in his eyes as if all the warmth and light in the entire room came together.

She wasn't sure if it was just an illusion, but she actually felt his eyes talking to her.

She stared back at him and was unwittingly enraptured by him...

As the end of the song played, He Jichen softly read the lyrics in his heart one more time.

He knew he was singing for the only woman in his eyes.

"I would rather stay within your radius. Should my heart not return to me, it is yours."

"You can choose to love me or not, I am still yours no matter what."

"As long as you turn around, I am right here. Because I love you, that has nothing to do with you."

As he read the final lines, He Jichen started to tear up in his eyes.

"Xiao Yi, I will wait for you in the years we have yet to spend together."

"Xiao Yi, I'm in love with you, in a time you're unaware of."

"There's a saying that you definitely don't know just how much I like: 'My name has your surname.'"

The music disappeared.

The entire room fell remarkably silent. There wasn't even the sound of breathing.

About a minute passed before someone came back to their senses from He Jichen's singing, reached their hands up and clapped.

Then the clapping in the room grew and people started to cheer.

In the midst of all the excitement, He Jichen and Ji Yi's eyes were glued tightly to one another; still yet to part.