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Chapter 304: Can We Go Back to How We Were Before? (4)

 Chapter 304: Can We Go Back to How We Were Before? (4)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Did she actually ask this grand chef of a five-star hotel for hot and spicy soup?

As though he heard something unbelievable, the chef was startled on the spot, staring dumbstruck at Ji Yi.

Sitting next to He Jichen, Han Zhifan was holding a glass of wine when he burst out laughing with a "poof!" and almost spat out the wine in his mouth.

Chen Bai didn't dare laugh, so all he could do was tightly purse his lips to hold in his laughter. But he couldn't stop the corner of his mouth from slowly curving into a smile.

After hearing what Ji Yi said, He Jichen was the only one who looked calm as he looked over at the chef, "Can you?"

The chef snapped back to his senses and said, slightly embarrassed, "Mr. He, I'm afraid we can't..."

Before the chef even said "can't," He Jichen's brows started to furrow.

Are there needs I can't satisfy for her? What's more, today's her birthday...

He Jichen didn't give the chef a chance to finish as he turned his head and shot Chen Bai a look.

When he caught He Jichen's gaze, Chen Bai immediately reached his hand out to grab the chef's shoulder. "Let's have a talk over there."

With that, Chen Bai grabbed his arm harder. It looked friendly but the power he used felt a little threatening as he escorted the chef away.

After Chen Bai and the chef left, He Jichen and Han Zhifan continued their previous conversation.

Ji Yi really was hungry. She looked at the crystal dishes full of nuts on the coffee table, casually grabbed a bunch of pine nuts and started to eat.

The hard pine nuts were a little tough for Ji Yi to shell as her fingertips turned red trying to do so. However, the pine nuts were roasted so well that Ji Yi couldn't stop nibbling on them.

Perhaps she looked like she was really enjoying them, because He Jichen, who was sitting opposite her, started to also shell the pine nuts.

After Ji Yi ate about a small handful of pine nuts, Chen Bai appeared again.

This time, however, there was no one behind him, and there was a tray in his hands.

"Miss Ji, the hot and spicy soup you wanted." Chen Bai bent down and placed the tray in front of Ji Yi.

After the chef was taken away, Ji Yi assumed there was no chance of her getting the hot and spicy soup. She figured that after He Jichen and Han Zhifan finished their conversation, she would just head over to the buffet table for some food after asking He Jichen why he was looking for her.

She never imagined that after some time, Chen Bai would actually come back with a portion of hot and spicy soup...

Ji Yi stared at He Jichen, a little surprised. He and Han Zhifan were deep in conversation, so she didn't notice his gaze as his fingers quickly shelled the pine nuts.

"Miss Ji, eat it while it's hot," warned Chen Bai kindly before he straightened up.

Ji Yi snapped back to her senses and quickly withdrew her gaze from He Jichen then politely told Chen Bai, "Thank you." She picked up the chopsticks, put her head down and started eating.

This time, after Chen Bai reappeared, he didn't leave He Jichen's side. Instead, he leaned against a nearby table and played casually on his phone.

Quite a few people tried to walk over, perhaps to engage in casual conversation with He Jichen, but they were all stopped by Chen Bai. "Apologies, Mr. He has some business to discuss over there, and he's asked to not be disturbed."

Just when Ji Yi was about to finish the bowl of hot and spicy soup, Tang Huahua and Bo He must've come back to find her after taking photos with the male lead for "Three Thousand Lunatics."

Rather than stopping them, Chen Bai politely escorted them over to where Ji Yi was sitting. He Jichen must've told Chen Bai that Tang Huahua and Bo He were her friends.