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Chapter 295: Pampered Collectively by the Production Team (5)

 Chapter 295: Pampered Collectively by the Production Team (5)

Translator: Paperplane Editor: Caron_

Ji Yi shook her head erratically and pushed all those thoughts to the back of her mind. Caught in a daydream, she took two deep breaths then went back to bed, shut her eyes, and tried to force herself to fall asleep.

Not long after her mind went blank, it suddenly wandered back to what He Jichen said.

"Ji Yi, I'm sorry."

"Not only for this but also for that night four years ago."

She never imagined she would hear He Jichen apologize for their accidental night together four whole years ago - one thousand, four hundred and sixty whole days and nights ago. She never thought he would apologize for her first love that ended before it could start...

Once again, her heart became unbelievably erratic.

Ji Yi opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep.

It was like her ears were bewitched as they rang endlessly with "Ji Yi, I'm sorry" and "Not only for this but also for that night four years ago."

She wasn't sure just how many times her mind went over these two sentences. Though she never imagined accepting his apology or forgiving him, after she heard him say those words, her heart actually started to waver.


On the fifth day, Ji Yi's wound more or less recovered.

On the seventh evening, Cheng Weiwan came to her room to help her remove the stitches.

On the eighth morning, Ji Yi returned to the team and continued to shoot her scenes.

Having returned on set after the chaos of what happened, Ji Yi knew her days at work wouldn't be as painful as before. When she actually arrived on set, Ji Yi realized that not only would she not have to suffer and spend her days being so careful and alert like before, but the change was as different as night and day.

At seven in the morning, she arrived on time to set. She figured that she had to line up to get her makeup done like before, but when she showed up at the makeup room, there was a makeup artist immediately available for her. There were even actors who only had half their makeup done fighting to give her their seat.

As she got her makeup done, the makeup artist's assistant would run over to her and bring her water or snacks every now and then.

Ji Yi, who had never received this kind of treatment, was a little startled by the attention. When she checked out people in the makeup room, trying to figure out what was going on, whoever her eyes landed on stopped what they were doing and shot her friendly smiles back.

With great confusion, Ji Yi hurriedly ran out of the room with the strange atmosphere right after getting her makeup done. She figured everything would be normal outside, but who knew... When she stepped out, the staff immediately smiled and greeted her one after the other when they saw her. "Good morning, Miss Ji."

Miss Ji...good morning? Didn't they always call me Ji Yi or the supporting actress? How come after seven days, all of them are greeting me so politely?

Ji Yi secretly pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming. Then she hurriedly smiled back at the people who greeted her.

Who would've imagined... when she smiled, they smiled even brighter. All Ji Yi could do was try her hardest to plaster a smile on her face. It was painful, just looking at her face. All Ji Yi could do was rush over to the horse training site nearby where there were fewer people around.

On her way there, whenever Ji Yi bumped into someone, they would stop and politely say "hello."

After finding an isolated place to hide with much difficulty, Ji Yi let out a sigh of relief. But before she could have two minutes of peace, the casting director and assistant director's assistant happened to pass by her for some reason.